An Idea – a good one, I think…

So I have an idea that maybe somebody has already had, but which I think makes a lot of sense.

You don’t need to look far to see leftists ruining most every good science fiction and fantasy series. Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, and countless others have all been driven into lunatic territory by awful people. All of these things which were once inclusive of traditional viewpoints but are now hostile to them and driven instead by Marxist critical theory.

Social Justice Warriors have ruined these things, in concert with businesses that didn’t create them. In virtually every case a shitty media company purchased the rights to a cultural object and then gave it to lunatics who used it to push garbage politics anathema to Humans. The results have been bad for business and terrible for culture.

The essence of the problem is that corporations have no business owning these things and determining canon. Corporations suck. Bob Iger and Kathleen Kennedy couldn’t write a halfway decent science fiction short story, yet people like them are making decisions. And Rian Johnson is even worse than they are. Him and his moleskine notebooks.

I propose the creation of a new Science Fiction universe (or universes) that are open sourced, and function similar to git branches. The SFU creator publishes on the master or mainline branch, and has the rights to incorporate all or none of the changes on any branch. The mainline guy would set very, very basic details about the universe, then write his own stories. Any person who wants to make updates or adds can create their own branch, and has the full rights to publish it for commercial benefit.

What they do NOT have is the right to bar derivative works. They can bar people from claiming to be a part of their branch, but they cannot bar distaffing from that branch. They also must attribute what branches they drew from.

This makes the selling of rights useless, so another Lucasfilm nightmare can’t happen – anyone can simply distaff and create their own version based on your stuff. What this means is the universe is only as good as the content it produces, and the winning canonicity becomes determined by the marketplace. When some idiot has the cherished main character become a green milk drinking loser on one branch, people can tell the owners of that branch to fuck off and go with a better branch.

The advantage of this is obvious – instead of having MBAs and diversity hires sitting in a meeting room and using a whiteboard to determine what goes into a science fiction universe, passionate writers, artists, musicians, and programmers are doing it, publishing it, and letting consumers sample their work to determine what makes the best science fiction universe. One of these methods leads to shitty, plodding, closed off universes, and the other leads to developed and good universes with many contributors. One makes culture a corporate product, and the other makes culture supported by a community. One is garbage, and one has a soul.

The best example of the success of this method is Lovecraft. Anyone can write a Lovecraftian story, anyone can use Lovecraftian monsters. One corporation doesn’t and can’t ever decide that Cthulhu is nothing compared to a petite brunette Mary Sue.

I think if a community of writers and artists (such as is online now) began to create these things, that one or several of these SFUs would grow. And corporations could produce their own shitty distaffs that are garbage.

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