Azathoth CYOA Resurrect – Part 1

Note: This is a continuation of the CYOA from 3 years ago found here.

“Okay Conroe. Let’s set up for Romance. Do we have the ponchos?”

“Of course, sir. Shall I fetch them?” Conroe asks.

You nod. “Yes, I’d like them on hand,” you say.

Conroe motions to a servant, who races off. He clears his throat. “Sir…may I ask a question?”

“Hm? Why of course, Conroe. What is it?” You ask.

“…why do you want the ponchos?” Conroe asks.

“I assume we’ll be in evening wear, yes?”

“That is up to you, sir,” Conroe says.

“I would like to be. If I have to suffer through a romantic evening, I want it done proper. I want a nice black tie affair, but those watermelons are messy. When they get destroyed, we’ll have ponchos to keep it off our nice clothes,” you say.

“The…watermelon?” Conroe asks.

“Yes, when the gentleman smashes watermelons with a mallet…”

Conroe nods and says, “Ah. I understand the confusion now, sir; I believe you are thinking of a Gallagher comedy show, not Romance.”

You murmur in assent, although you aren’t entirely clear on the difference. “Right, right. Is any fruit destroyed during Romance, Conroe?’

“I suppose it could be, sir. Romance is very subjective, and it depends upon the people involved. Having said that, I have never known the mistress of the household to enjoy destroying fruit. Shall we still bring the ponchos?”

“Yes…” you say, thinking they might be necessary anyways. “I’ve done this before, haven’t I?” You ask.

“Asked for ponchos? Yes sir, at least once a quarter…”

“No, no…I mean a romantic night. I must have done this before, right?” You ask.

“In the past you have always relied on Master Nyarlathotep’s sage and prudent council to arrange a romantic evening,” Conroe says dryly.

“Oh right…” you say, recalling past romantic dinners with Emily. Nyarlathotep does always give sage and prudent counsel, but you tend to selectively hear or follow it. He does have very good ideas though.

You could ask for Nyarl’s suggestions, or you could plan the night of Romance yourself. What are you thinking, Daemon Sultan? Call in an expert, or go your own way?

Comment below on what you think Azathoth should do. I will close voting at the end of 24 hours from the first comment, and then I’ll work on the next part. Goal is updates to be ~250-800 words.


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