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Reddit has updated their rules to allow minority users (or allies) to post mocking and disparaging comments about ‘majorities:’

All animals are equal. Some animals are more equal than others

This is actual Orwellian shit, and we all know what this really means, and what this policy is really about. It is the official policy of Big Tech, which Republicans in Congress refuse to do anything to address because they are whores.

I want no restrictions on speech. Failing that, equal restrictions on speech. This is neither. This is the dumb game of unstable leftists playing ‘teacher’ while the rest of us are students in their classroom, forced to jump through their ‘majority’ hating hoops. It’s time to get off these shitty platforms run by mentally ill jerkoffs and find new homes. This apartheid stuff is nauseating.

Posting to Reddit easily gets my stories the most exposure, by a factor of ten. There’s a lot of foot traffic to my website,  and as a guy who likes having his stories read and commented, I like the attention. But I’m not going to post my stories on Reddit anymore. I’m not going to accept being a second class citizen, and I refuse to accept this bullshit attempt by every single instititution to force me to be one.

So I’ll accept going back to fewer clicks. Even if they convince WordPress to shut me down (and I have no doubt they will try eventually), I will write for a goddamn hole in the ground and bury it for people to find a hundred years from now, hopefully when all this shit is passed and people are sane again.

Yeah, I know I’m just a smut author, and that Reddit won’t care that I stopped posting to it; it does more for me than vice versa. But I’m done. I’m not going to roll over and just accept this. I invite other people who are fearful of the stridently insane bent of big tech to get off their platforms. Let’s find new places to congregate. The content is what matters, not the site. Reddit replaced Digg, something can finally replace Reddit.

I’m going to post things here, and if people form a community on better platforms I might post on them. But not Reddit.

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7 thoughts on “About Reddit

  1. Fucking redditers. Do they not know that the MGE fan base are 1) not the majority 2)NOT fucking furries 3) don’t promote hate, just the love between man and his monster waifu 4) and are all about making love (and maybe children) not hate? It just goes to show that they don’t really care about you if you aren’t part of the hive mind. Ree I say.

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  2. “Yeah, I know I’m just a smut author” please, while your stories involve sex, they are good stories, they don’t compare to some random smut post.

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  3. There are many kinds of smut, friend. That which you generally find on the internet is for the boner in your pants. Most of the smut you find on certain image boards is smut for the heart, which surely belongs to a higher sphere. You, and a handful of others scattered around create the highest ideal of all- smut for the soul. Just put coordinates on one of those geocaching sites or something once you start burying your work.

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