Blog Post – Thank You for 50,000 Views!

I got some good news today – has reached 50K views. It’s a modest website I have here – 50K is pretty small feed – but it’s still nice that people have clicked around my website by that amount. Fifty thousand times. I’m very happy my stuff gets a little bit of attention.

It has been a lot of fun, and very rewarding, to be able to write things and have people read them. I appreciate all of you guys stopping by and taking the time to read my stuff.

So thanks guys. I’m going to keep writing for the foreseeable future, and I still have a lot of ideas to go. I’m hoping to break 100K this year, which will probably be tricky, but it would be a big milestone.

Let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see for content or MG stories. I am always interested in ideas. I also have a post about commissions in Draft, but I still need to do some research about things before I do that.

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