Maria the Dominant Shoggoth – the Nightmare

“Tommy, Tommy wake up!”

I stirred from a dream of tentacle rape to find my naked form wrapped in protoplasmic tentacles. My writhing captors were squeezing and caressing, but for once not raping.

“W-what is it, Hun?” I slurred. I was exhausted from the several hours of lovemaking that I had just endured, which had ended only a few hours earlier. I had been in perfect ecstasy, and had fallen asleep in contentment. Being awoken was not unusual, but generally it involved a concentrated effort on my manhood.

“I had a nightmare,” Maria said in a frightened voice. “I’m scared.”

I smacked my lips and turned to her groggily. In the darkness, the shining eyes of my shoggoth bride – all fifty of them – stared at me intently. “A Cosmic Horror being scared is like a fire sweating.”

“Tommy, this is serious!” Maria cried. She nudged me with an insistent tentacle. “Wake up, please! I’m frightened!

I turned, and put my arms about her. When I felt her, I knew she was truly alarmed, for she was gyrating like a windsock in a zephyr.

“Dearest…” I said softly, awakening fully. I took her into my arms and nestled her head against my chest, feeling her shake even still. “You’re okay. It was just a dream…”

“Oh, but it was awful, so awful!” Maria said. I stroked her hair-tendrils (her follicles travel on a spectrum between the two), and noted that she settled in and hugged me back tightly, even fearfully.

“Well, What was it?” I asked, wondering what could frighten a shoggoth. “Was it some knife killer, or a maniac accosting you? Perhaps one of the Old Ones come back from Antarctica, eager to find Shoggoths to enslave?”

“Nothing like that,” she said. “Although that last one is an unpleasant thought, and one I shall dread later.”

“Well then what, my treasure? As a man of science who is learned in the occult, I can create several wards to help protect us.”

Maria grimaced at the memory of her visions. I had never quite seen her this agitated. She took a few deep breaths.

“We were in the house, and we were going to see your cousin Bouvier…” she began.

“I detest this dream already,” I said with distaste, thinking of that unrepentant asshole. “Why couldn’t we go to dip our heads in boiling oil?”

Maria didn’t acknowledge that. “We were running late, and then I looked down and asked where your shoes were, and you said you didn’t know. And we searched the whole house. Then I found them and I came back and you…you…” Maria said, her voice rising and filling with dread.

“What, my sugar frond?” I asked, drawing her in closer. “What happened to me?”

“Oh it was awful…”

“Tell me.”



“You lost your feet.”

I stared at her, dumbstruck.


“You lost them! They were gone!”

“How?” I asked. “As in, they were chopped off? Blood everywhere?”

Maria shook her protoplasmic head. “No, they were just gone. Your legs just faded into the aether, as if reality had eaten them. Now I’m afraid it’s going to happen! My God, it was so real…”

I blinked. “Maria…” I began.

“Don’t you dare say it’s ridiculous!” Maria said.

“I won’t,” I said, hugging her, and keeping the thought to myself. “I guess I’m surprised my feet matter that much to you.”

“Meaning what, precisely?”

“Well nothing, just that…”

“Just that all I care about is your penis?” Maria asked hotly.

“No! I mean…don’t you?”

“Don’t I?! How dare…I love all of your body! And feet happen to be very important, you know.”

“Sure, I know that. Look, let’s just discontinue that discussion,” I said. “My feet are fine, and it was just a dream.”

“No,” Maria said, hugging me tightly and coiling tentacles around me.


“No, it’s not fine. I can’t sleep. What if this is like that awful story where the man turns into a beetle?”

“I’m not just going to randomly turn into a man with no feet.”

“Why not? I randomly turned into a shoggoth,” Maria replied.

I opened my mouth to speak, but I had no response.

“There is only one solution,” Maria said. “You must wear me on your feet.”

“Um…” I said, intelligently.

Maria stared at me with a mixture of crazed intensity and pleading. “It’s the ONLY way!” She exclaimed.

I sighed. “Okay,” I said.

A few moments later a pair of slippers were nestled on my feet, warm and snug, feeling just like cloth and wool. I did notice that periodically tentacles and tongues liked to writhe and tickle my toes on occasion.

“There, better?” I asked.

Maria nodded, satisfied, for now she could feel my feet, and squeeze them, and know they were okay. She closed her eyes, and nestled into my shoulder. Soon I could feel her breaths against my chest, the warm gusts at regular intervals. She was so beautiful in repose.

I took a bit longer to return to the land of Nod, but eventually sleep took me, and I drifted back into dreams of being brutally bound and raped without end by a laughing Latina shoggoth.

“Tommy?!” A voice cried out.

I was awakened again with a nudge.

“W-what? Another nightmare? My feet again?” I asked, still coming out of a dream of the house having Maria’s grin and giving me a blowjob.

“No,” Maria said. “Not your feet this time.”

“Then what?”

“Your hands,” she said. From her form two gloves wriggled free and crawled towards me.

“My hands? But it shall be dreadfully warm…”

“Just for tonight. I’ll feel better if I have me-gloves on your hands,” she begged.

Between her pleading eyes (all of them) and my exhaustion, of course I agreed.

The gloves were not all that constraining, and in some ways feeling them squeeze my hands put me in mind of our walks in the parks or the country, where we would hold hands. I closed my eyes, and I was in the park, and we were walking, until I was tackled by tentacles and forcibly disrobed. I smiled…what a nice dream…


I shot up, my heart racing. I saw Maria staring up at me sheepishly. I could feel my heart pounding against my chest.

“What is it now?” I asked in as calm a voice as I could manage. “ANOTHER nightmare?”

Maria nodded. She took her index finger and pressed it against my penis.

My eyes widened. “Ohhh…”

“I need to cover it,” she said. Already a pair of undergarments formed from her side, although it was clear they were tight. I was used to being naked – I was allowed clothes only when there were visitors or we were going for trips.

“You are THAT worried?” I asked.

Maria nodded, her eyes wide.

“Well, I can’t disagree,” I said. Worrying about feet or hands disappearing was silly, but I happened to strongly agree that steps should be taken to prevent my member from astral teleporting into the beyond. Soon I was wearing a pair of rather tight briefs made by (and from) my good wife Maria.

Now in general husbandos of shoggoths know that the one thing you do not wish to be made from your wife is your undergarments, as this is considered to be beyond the fox guarding the henhouse, and into the territory of the fox BECOMING the henhouse. It is actually better to be naked, because this is the equivalent of having a hand, a tongue, a mouth, a foot, and anything else you can think of at your privates at every second.

I might have known better, but I was tired, and she was fearful, and a husband will do just about anything to soothe his frightened wife at three in the morning.

My penis and balls were immediately prey to molestation, as it was almost involuntary for Maria to sexually assault me, and now that my genitals were encased in her, the poking and prodding became unending and ferocious, as did the wet feeling of tongues and slimy feeling of tentacles upon my vulnerable genitals.

After several minutes of squeezing me to erection, my Maria-undergarments decided that my penis should be out in the open, and that my balls should be individually massaged with aggression, alternating between soft little cilia and slathering wet tongues. The attention, while loving and quite enjoyable, made sleep impossible, and my very tired and bruised manhood had no choice but to harden thanks to the ministrations of my shoggoth-wife’s breech-tongues. My stiff cock brushed against her inner thigh, poking her and being rewarded with a covering of warm shoggoth sex goo.

Maria’s embrace tightened around my chest, and with shut eyes she began to kiss me. First her lips touched my skin with little pecks, but soon she became greedy, taking long kisses and gently nibbling at my flesh with her pearly white teeth. Her eyes opened, and stared up at me with hunger – and mischief.

I began to stir, to move my arms and legs, but I found myself bound fast. My slippers had fused and hardened into shackles, my gloved hands had fused together as well. And these shackles soon fused with my Maria-bed, so that moving was quite impossible.

I began to writhe uselessly, aware I was now utterly bound and horny, my Maria-undergarments ruthlessly and mercilessly teasing me and filling me with desire for release. From the darkness, I saw a very white smile stare up at me. I knew that grin well, and the gleam in the eyes. My penis, instinctively as it had been trained to do, swelled even more.

“Well, well, well…” Maria said with an impish giggle, now fully awake. “Look at what a nice little treat I have. My sweet, caring husband is nice and tied up, helpless and vulnerable.”

My already hardened penis hardened to aching. “Was this a deception?” I asked.

“You think?” Maria asked. She laughed, and kissed me tenderly on the face as a tentacle gave my penis a gentle flick. “I’ve had another nightmare, by the way.”

I swallowed, aware I was about to go through vast physical exertion. “What’s that?” I asked.

“I dreamt that your tongue had disappeared,” she whispered.

She reached up and kissed me, and her tongue reached in and found mine. For once, it was just a single tongue invading my mouth, although it did divide in two every so often to wrap around my tongue and overpower it. She moaned into my mouth, and our lips pressed together tightly.

She piled on top of me when our kiss broke, and I watched her curvy form rise up high above me , her perfect breasts jiggling in the faint light of the room. She straddled me with her tentacle-bottom, resting her thighs upon my chest. Maria juice leaked from her womanhood, for my hungry Mistress was eager to use me for her pleasure. I was soon covered in purplish liquid, already feeling it stain me.

She stared down at me hungrily, and her gorgeous, well-groomed slit wiggled back and forth before my eyes. My mouth began to water.

“I must make sure your tongue is okay,” she said. She pressed forward, bringing her vagina down until it rested on my face. Soon her purple was dripping down above my eyes, filling my nostrils and mouth with her grape taste.

“Lick,” she commanded in a voice that made my manhood twitch. I did so, timidly reaching up and running my tongue along the soft labia of my sweet shoggoth, reveling in the taste of grape and eagerly swallowing down her juices. The sweet, slightly heated fluid traveled into my stomach and filled me with warmth, as if my insides were being hugged by my Shoggoth Mistress’ sex discharge. I moaned.

“Yes…” Maria whispered with a growl of possession and ownership. Her hand clutched my head and pressed me into her warm darkness. “Yes, lick me. Lick your Mistress’ pussy, Slave-Husband. Give me the pleasure and affection I deserve. Worship me.”

I would have responded, but she began to grind her hole against me, resting her weight (well, not all of it) upon my face and pushing my head down into my pillow, which began to slowly lick me. I was in a world of thighs and strong Maria sex, licking at her delicious pussy and staring up at her wonderful hips and tight tummy. Then I saw only black, as she pressed down upon me in a smother.

And yet it was not a smother, for a shoggoth can also form herself to allow in air, and though pressed on all sides by Maria’s soft protoplasmic body, I could breath comfortably. With her thighs wrapped around me and squeezing me, soon I was less licking her pussy than her pussy was fucking my tongue. She rose and fell, slamming down into my face and grinding against me. I could hear -muffled by her soft thighs – the sounds of her moans as she rose up and down upon my tongue.

The taste of her pussy, coupled with the unrelenting teasing and abuse that the Maria-underwear heaped upon my genitals, drove me into a frenzy. Greedily I tried to lick and swallow every ounce of her juice, vainly attempting to find a valve to release my considerable sexual frustration. I knew that soon enough I would find release, and that then all my current ‘sufferings’ would become pleasant memories.

I could tell when she drew closer to her climax, for soon my tongue could feel her smooth walls beginning to tighten, as well as other things. Tongues began to form within her womb, overwhelming my own and wrapping around it, pulling me in tightly and aiding her in the act of fucking my mouth. The womb-tongues were sopping with her vaginal juices, and the sweet fluid overflowed from my mouth. It coursed down my chin until it pooled on my chest, quickly staining me in stickiness, a mark of her ownership and control of me.

My belly was growing full from her sweet juices, though still I wanted more. Nothing was quite as wonderful as feeling her warm sex juices traveling through my blood, bringing their nutrients to my cells. Knowing that I was living off of her, that she provided me with my food, only made me more aroused.

Maria’s breath became ragged, her hip thrusts more spastic, and when she came, her pussy clamped upon my tongue. I heard Maria cry out my name, and felt her mighty womanhood convulse and spasm. With cries almost sounding painful, she climaxed in an eruption of juices. Tasty shoggoth water flowed forth upon me, and shuddering through the aftershocks of her orgasm, she fell upon me with kisses.

She was not done, and this first orgasm did not sate her. After a torrent of affectionate nuzzles and licks, she drew herself up again, riding my face harder and more furiously, slamming up and down so hard that the bed itself began to move across the room.

Indeed, the bed had begun to break down from a bed into a writhing mass of tentacles, all aggressive and horny, eager to extract as much contact with me as they could. My penis was now held at its base and squeezed, keeping me rock hard but unable to climax until she decided to use me.

She came again, even harder than the first time, and with even louder screams. The bed was now just wriggling tendrils and tongues, all slathering all over me and seeking out every square inch of me to wriggle and violate. Mouths along the surface began to nibble and bite me, and I knew I would be covered in the marks of her love bites in the morning.

Even this orgasm – or the two which followed after – did not sate her, and after the third climax upon my tired and sore face, she turned her attention to my eager cock.

She got between my open legs, facing me, and took my penis into her hand. She began to squeeze me, grinning up at me as she did so. I groaned, and whimpered, desperate for release.

Still holding my swollen manhood, she positioned herself over me, a mass of tentacles leading up to two thighs. Her tentacles coiled around my body, merging with the bed, and brought my overwhelmed manhood up in between her thighs. I was half submerged in shoggoth body and tentacles. Several tentacles began to kiss me on the cheeks with fresh-formed lips and lick my mouth with tongues. Tendrils rose up and hovered above me. I focused upon my face to read every emotion from my coming violation.

She smiled at me, half arousing and half frightening, and then lunged. It began.

It is hard to say if she pushed down on me, plunging my manhood into her tight and strong pussy. Or did she pull me in, and did it matter. In some ways it is an academic question. Once encompassed by a shoggoth, a joining of some kind is inevitable, and the action will be to bring her man’s turgid penis deep inside of her. She pulled, pulsed, and tugged on my manhood until it was securely in her iron-tight womb.

The sex was more of a draining, as my penis became a like a straw under heavy suction, milked and pumped, totally engulfed in raw shoggoth woman sexual dominance. There was the faint distinction of her hips and thighs as they slammed and grinded upon my pelvis. and within her smooth walls tongues lapped and slurped at my head and shaft, coiling about my member and squeezing me.

As her womb-tongues tasted me, Maria stared at me with a wide smile. She bit her lip and narrowed her eyes, and I could see that she was savoring the feeling of my hardness within her, as much as I enjoyed her tight softness and the aggressive licking within. Her breasts rose and fell with her body, and her hips and rear slammed down upon me. Sex juices poured out over my pelvis.

My shaft and head were overwhelmed, controlled by my shoggoth mistress utterly. I was incapable of doing anything but feeling the tight walls, the gushing liquid, and the teasing tongues. The entire bed was wriggling and assailing me. I moaned. I was already exhausted and drained from the early passions of the night, but this fast, hard, and intense sexual attack was forcing my spent manhood to coax out even more.

Maria, also, was beginning to build herself to a climax, her fourth. Her main objective was to fuck me until she came yet again, and in the act to force me to erupt, to drain even more seed from my cock. I was the backstop, the seed source.

“I want your cum…” Maria growled. “Give me your cum, Tommy. Cum for Mistress. Cum!”

Her command pushed me over the edge, and I cried out as my penis hit its limit. I felt my semen work through my balls and shaft, and finally erupt inside of her. The shooting of my seed made her voice rise in a cry of ecstasy, and soon she was facing skyward, her breasts thrust outward as she slid and grinded against my pelvis furiously.

Her walls and tongues spasmed, clenching down on my throbbing member and sucking with vacuum force, pulling even more semen from my balls, taking more than I knew I could possibly have.

My semen flowed in great streams, and Maria’s face twisted to shock, as I was still erupting hot seed inside of her.

“Fuck!” She exclaimed. “Yes, give it ALL to me, Tommy! Give all of it!”

I could only cry out, this orgasm from my spent penis bringing me to such heights of pleasure that I believe I was touched by madness, reduced to sub-sapient, a creature incapable of comprehending the sensations I was experiencing.

My orgasm might have ended, but Maria’s powerful, full body climax forced my own to continue, as her powerful squeezing and milking drew the pleasure out and forced my poor member to coax more and more from within. Her orgasm was the world, it was the most important thing in it, and my body was forced to submit before it.

When finally the last of her aftershocks subsided, my throat was parched. My body had converted most of the fluid within me into semen to fulfill my Mistress’ demands of the past few hours. Maria looked down upon me and ran a hand across my face.

“Oh yes, yes, yes, yes!” Maria said with a breathless happiness, clutching her womb. “You have cum so much! I feel it inside of me.”

She fell upon me with affection, and her form slightly dissolved into a gooey embrace which covered over me. She retained enough form to squeeze me tightly while she blanketed my face with sweet kisses. The furniture, the bed, and everything else which was made from her had turned into a wriggling mass of tentacles and slime, which would have caused me gibbering insanity if I did not know how adorable their owner was.

Most important, through all the kisses and hugs, was the thumping of her heartbeat. I could feel it, and feel how its reverberation echoed against my own. Our two heartbeats were near each other, separated by a wall of flesh and slime. Both were beating with fury, with exhilaration, but in the presence of each other they quickly calmed.

As our heartbeats quieted from rapid thumps to a slow rhythm, Maria and I settled into a nice cuddle. The slippers and gloves softened, and even my Maria-undergarment showed forbearance, gently cradling my manhood and testicles as a young mother cradles her firstborn.

“You are thirsty…” she whispered. A tentacle brought forth a cup of water and put it to my lips. It was cool and refreshing, and I gulped it down as if I was breathing it.

“Thank you,” I whispered as I finished the cup, the first words I had said since this latest life changing orgasm.

Maria smiled triumphantly and kissed me on the lips, licking off some of the water droplets there. “Thank you, my sweet honeycock.”

“So…can we dispense with the gloves?” I asked.

Maria nodded sleepily, and the gloves fell off my hands and crawled back to her, collecting on her full and wonderful rump and dissolving into it.

“Thank you, Mistress. Now how about removing the slippers?” I asked.

Maria shook her head. “No.”

I frowned. “Why not? I do not understand…”

“Because, you could lose your feet!” She exclaimed, as if it was obvious.

“But I thought that was merely a ruse to rape me…”

“The dreams of your hands and manhood disappearing were ruses, not your feet. Your feet must be kept safe from the hideous cosmos,” she paused. “I can take away the underwear now, though…”

I said nothing.

“Tommy?” She pressed.

“I think the undergarments should remain,” I said, clearing my throat. “To be safe.”

My reward was an immediate, tight, firm squeezing of my tired member by my Maria-undergarments. Were I not utterly sexually spent, I would have hardened from the attention, and the thought of my penis being at her mercy every single second. She smiled peacefully and nuzzled my chest as the undergarments squeezed me.

“I thought you might like that,” Maria said with a mischievous grin. She yawned. “For tonight, at least. Boys shouldn’t wear clothes. Now, I am quite tired. We should both sleep. Good night, my Tommy.”

I kissed my dominant shoggoth on her dear head, tasting her grape flavored sweat. “Good night, Maria.”

Sleep took us both, and with it came no unpleasant dreams of missing appendages, or lurid dreams of rape, or crass dreams of erotica. Instead it came with dreams of embrace, of kisses, and two hearts beating in rhythm. They were the greatest dreams a man or shoggoth can have, those born within the blanket of total love. The dreams were peaceful, and the nightmares were gone.

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