Fuckman returns in an ALL NEW ADVENTURE! Story by Medusafag, on his blog. Check it out!

Medusafag's writing

 Commission for IftheArtistConstents (twitter), thanks again!

    Who I am is not important, what I am about to do is. Hundred grand for the capture of the dreaded Fuckman. Bounty hunting isn’t a bad job, really. Its not hard to bring unmarried men to justice, especially the more ‘difficult’ to catch ones. I find it fun, really. I sat in the bar, cash still weighing down my purse from another successful job. Some mummy had me catch her man. I guess he was too scared to jump into the arms of his ‘mummy mommy’ as she called herself. I wanted to wretch at the thought.      I drank my cherry lemonade, the sour taste stung the sore in my mouth, but I loved the dark red drink so much. A lot of girls like me, red caps, to be specific, tried to get away from the aggressive and…

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