7-1000(2) – The Monkey’s Paw

Koko sprawled across my lap, looking up at me with her big simian grin. I was forced to lift my book to allow her to slide across me. My Kakuen housewife leaned up planted a kiss on my lips. In the background, the TV showed the PanzerBall pregame show.

“Heya, big brain,” she said, her tail brushing against my nose quickly. “Watcha readin’?”

“I just finished it,” I said, closing the book. “It’s a horror story: the Monkey’s Paw.”

She frowned. “That’s a dumb name. What the hell is so scary about a Monkey’s Paw?”

“A severed Monkey’s Hand is pretty strange and exotic, but it isn’t the Paw itself,” I replied. “It’s about what the Paw can do. It grants wishes, but every wish is cursed.”

Koko frowned, and looked at her own paw, opening and closing it in deep thought.

“That is so, so insulting!” She exclaimed at last. Her face contorted in outrage, which on a Kakuen is still unbearably cute.

“Insulting?” I asked, confused.

“Yeah! Why the hell would a Monkey Paw be more cursed than a Cat Paw, or Dog Paw, or Human Paw…”

“You mean a hand?”

“You know what I mean! Why the hell they gotta pick on Monkeys?”

“I don’t think ‘they’ want to pick on monkeys,” I replied. “The point isn’t that monkeys’ paws are especially cursed, it’s that this particular monkey paw is cursed.”

“Why’s it gotta be a monkey, though?” She asked, hotly. “Why not a dog?”

“Well, it has to have fingers. After a wish is made, the paw closes a finger.”

“So make it a Human, then. A severed human hand would be creepy.”

“Too creepy. Nobody would want to use the thing,” I said.

“And somebody would want to use a monkey paw?” She asked, incensed.

“Well, let’s see…” I said with a smirk. I grabbed her wrist.

“Hey!” She shouted. She tried to tug herself free, and while she was quite strong, I was able to hold her long enough for my jape.

“I wish for…a beer,” I said. My throat was rather dry, after all, and I figured that after I got a playful slap, she’d go and grab me one. Koko, despite her fierceness, does like to bring me things, and she’s a good little (sexually aggressive) housewife.

Koko stopped trying to wrestle her hand free. Surprisingly – seemingly to both of us – one of her fingers slowly closed.

Koko’s eyes widened, and her expression became vacant.

“K-Koko?” I asked.

“Must…obey…Monkey Paw…beep, boop…” she said, eyes wide.

In momentary shock, I released her wrist. But instead of going to the kitchen, she seized me by the feet. She grabbed me off the couch (my head slammed on the carpet), and began dragging me off towards our bedroom. Though I am no slouch in wrestling, when Koko is horny, I don’t stand a chance of beating her.

“Wait!” I cried out, desperately trying to hold onto the couch so I didn’t miss my beloved PanzerBall. “Stop!”

“Beep boop. No…must…obey…Paw…” she said in what was now clearly a fake monotone. “Just…dumb…Monkey…must…fuck… Beep boop.”

“But I asked for a beer!” I said, losing my grip. I began to feel the rug growing hot as I slid down it into the bedroom. “This isn’t how it works – you have to give me something related to beer in an ironic way, not just drag me off and fuck me!”

“Shut…up…Monkey Fucker…” she said, using her name for me when she was in a dominating mood. My other head started to get stiff, aware that it was going to have a nice time soon.

“You made your point, let’s at least do it on the couch! And why are you talking like a robot?”

“Beep, boop.”

We reached our bedroom. She dragged me up on the bed, and tore off all my clothes, leaving me naked and exposed, my body at her mercy.

“Alright,” she said. She was breathing heavily, less from exertion than excitement. She dropped her robot monotone as her big eyes stared at my hard cock. “Time to get some Ook Ook.”

“B-but the game…” I said, weakly.

“Silence, Monkey Fucker!” She said, playfully slapping me on my naked chest. “Mistress demands Ook ook!”

She flung off her sundress, revealing her nubile brown body and perky breasts. I gasped to see the girls jiggle freely.

“Thought that might shut you up,” she said, taking a moment to thrust out her chest and shake. She growled a little as she put her monkey pussy over my cock head and slid me in.

I cried out, and her vagina pulsed against my shaft.

“Yeah…” she said, letting her face contort with pleasure. “Yeah, just like that, Monkey Fucker.”

“Oh, God!” I shouted, my eyes bulging from ecstasy.

She smiled, and her tail flicked in the air. “Yeah!  Ooooh, YEAH!” she screamed, howling herself as her pleasure. “Oook, Oook!”

Koko brought her face close to mine, her hair dangled down into my eyes. She continued pumping her lower half, lifting her slick, tight hole up and down on me, filling us both with intense pleasure.

My Kakuen yowled freely in her lyrical happy way, and the sounds only enhanced the experience of her athletic body bouncing up and down on me. She lifted and pushed her tits into my face, letting them bounce against me. I put my hands on her waist. I held her, and heard her laugh slightly as I dug my hands into her ribs.

I began to run my hands lightly over her ribs, and her cries of pleasure became a laugh, and she smacked my hands away.

The tables were turned. I redoubled my tickle attack.

My ultra ticklish monkey girl could not help but collapsing into a scream and uncontrollable laughter, spastically trying to block my hands from running along her ribs. She fell onto her back, and I took the advantage.

I spread her legs and plunged in, and for once I was thrusting into her and she was screaming in wild passion.

“Now who’s the HumanFucker, eh?” I said.

“Oh, mercy!” She cried out, not expecting (or wanting) it.

“No mercy for bad monkey!” I shouted. I debated going to get my yellow hat out of the closet, to complete my (rare) sexual conquest.

She couldn’t reply, too overwhelmed by my cock and my rough penetration. She could only stare, wide-eyed, at the ceiling, her arms out, as she shrieked and ooked in primal bliss.

“Yeah…Looks like the ol’ Monkey’s Paw turned on you!” I shouted. “Now I’m going to plow you until I shoot babies in your womb.”

Koko screamed with pleasure. She loved to hear me talk about babies, about knocking her up.

I felt myself getting close, and my moans betrayed how the pleasure was affecting me. Koko, ever the ruthless dominatrix, saw her opening.

With a growl, she turned on me, and with sudden strength we were again flipped. She pinned my hands by the wrists, slammed her pussy down onto my shaft, and rode me with such fury that I screamed, nearly insensate.

“You WILL pay for your disobedience! And yes, you WILL give me a baby, Monkey Fucker!” She shouted. “And I am going to fuck you and get another, and another, and another…”

Koko was merciless now, slamming down on me with ferocious howls, her tight pussy milking my cock with even more force than when I was pounding her

“Oh…oh God, Koko!” I shouted. “Please…”

“Don’t even beg for mercy, Human!” She roared. “Your face belongs in my tits!”

She leaned forward, forcing my face between her soft, perky breasts. I cried out into them, and this made her yowl with pleasure. Her pussy continued to squeeze me. I buried my face into my Monkey Mistress’ tits, and she clasped my head with both arms and forced me in deeper.

Eventually, it was too much.

I exploded inside of her in full, balls-emptying eruptions, filling her fertile womb with my sperm. The first spurt made her shriek with joy, and the walls of her vagina quivered, and soaked my cock and balls, as she erupted into a powerful, primal orgasm of her own.

We both could only stare in each other’s eyes, our orgasms pulsing with such power. We were both slaves to our bodies and the powerful act of procreation. Destiny.

Our mutual, powerful orgasms worked the aggression out of her body, and she was all cuddles and playful kisses. She smiled at me and kissed me on the face, then again, and again.

“Ohhhh good, good Human…” she said in between the kisses.

“My God, Koko…that was amazing,” I said, panting. “Thank you for giving me a good fucking.”

She smiled with impish glee. “Mistress is good to her Monkey Fucker, isn’t she?”

“She is,” I agreed, kissing her. Our tongues met, and we moaned into each others mouths.

“Fuck yeah,” she replied when our kiss broke. “Was it better than dumb ol’ PanzerBall?”

“MUCH better!” I said, kissing her sweet, full lips again. “Do you think that’ll…do it?”

She shrugged, knowing what I meant. “You filled me up pretty good, Sweetie. I bet you did knock me up. Of course…” She showed me her hand with a grin. One finger was down.

“You do get four more wishes, today,” Koko said.

I smirked. “Oh? Maybe I’ll take them later…”

She looked with wide eyes at her hand, and a finger slowly dropped.


“I didn’t even make a wish!” I protested half-heartedly.

“BEEP, BOOP!” She shouted, as she straddled me anew.

Our eyes met, and we both laughed with amusement, and shared a kiss. Then the fucking began in earnest.

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