7 – 1000 (18) – Trapped in Beaufort Castle 7

Desislava stretched out her arms, and smiled. Her eyes swirled “Come, Jonathan,” she said in a sweet voice. “Come and drink. Feed upon me, as I have fed upon you.”

My head swimming, I stepped forward. I found myself crawling onto the Baroness’s ample lap, and felt her arms wrap around me. She pressed my lips against the waiting nipple of her left breast, circling the erect point around. My mouth closed by reflex, I shut my eyes, and I suckled.

All at once, cool milk entered my mouth in streams of droplets, and I felt Desislava’s chest heave as she let out a ragged gasp. I looked up to her face, and saw her eyes shut and her brow furrowed, as if she were a new mother with breasts long sore and they were finally being nursed. The taste of her milk was sweet, all at once as smooth as ice cream but with a refreshing cold which filled my belly.

As I felt the cold of it suffuse my body, I let out a moan of satisfaction. With every swallow came a tingle, and with it a kind of cloudiness on my mind, a numbness. Her milk was pacifying me, as enchanted and ensorcelling as the rest of her. I felt the Baroness’ gloved hand reach between my legs. She groped and fondled me, taking my genitals in turn, running her fingers on my penis and testicles, gently squeezing them and teasing them.

I was soon hard, eagerly sucking loudly and moaning with each gulp of milk and each tracing of her finger over my most sensitive of areas. She dabbed her gloved finger on the tip of my cock, then brought it to her lips, licking the fabric and inhaling deeply.

I suckled with a loud groan, and she let out a little squeal, rubbing the back of my head and pressing me in tighter to her supple breast. It was so soft and smooth against my cheek, with a coolness like naked skin on a frigid fall night – the faintest hint of warmth within. Indeed, she was growing warmer as I was pressed against her.

Her breast milk began to warm as well, and the effect was to make the cool, refreshing feeling in my stomach become a very soothing one. It made me whimper, and I wrapped my arms around the Baroness, to her delight.

I continued to drink, and she continued to laugh, and call me a good boy, and run her fingers through my hair or fondle my penis. She had me change breasts, and I came to lick and kiss her right breast as much as I had done to her left, and the milk which poured forth filled my stomach.

When I was full, I stopped suckling her nourishing breasts and instead gave myself over, whole-heartedly, to their worship. I kissed and licked the undead breasts, now warm, and buried my face into the Baroness’ wonderful cleavage, licking her chest and even nibbling on the pale skin. She was so warm now that goosebumps were forming, and even traces of sweat.

My worship delighted her, and she pressed my face against her chest with her two hands for a moment, at other times embracing me so hard that I could barely breathe.

I was so hard that it could not go unnoticed, and Desislava’s gentle fondling became a tight grip and tugjob. The pleasure was immense, running up and down my shaft with her gentle yet firm fingers and between my face nestled between her breasts and her hand working on my cock, I found that I was in a state of pure bliss.

I licked at her breasts, tasting them, and found myself suckling just to get more of the wonderful milk upon my tongue get the taste of it. She squeezed my manhood tightly, then ran her hand up and down. My cock throbbed as I thrust upward, and my heart thumped in my chest.

I was getting close to climaxing, and as I did, my worship of her chest became more and more frenzied, and I began to shake my face and cry out into her bosom. This made her shake with arousal, and she squeezed my shaft tighter, pumping my manhood with even more furious speed.

My eyes bulged, and she pressed my head against her chest. It was now warm as a living woman’s, and covered in a faint layer of sweat. I tried to announce that I was going to cum, but so intense was the pleasure that language failed me. The Elegant Baroness, so civilized and urbane, so powerful and strong, had reduced me to a naked, horny, and nearly mindless creature who was desperate for her touch. All I could think of was the Baroness – her eyes, her body, her breasts. I was her devoted slave, purely through the pleasure she was giving me.

When finally I began to spasm and cum, she squeezed me tighter still, and I howled with delight. I pumped out my sperm everywhere in a giant mess, all over her gloves, all over her dress, all over myself. I just kept ejaculating, much to her complete and total pleasure.

The Baroness laughed with joy. “Ohhhh, look how much my sweet Jonathan is giving me!” She exclaimed. “So white and pure, and still cumming strong! My my, you must really like when your Baroness feeds you. Well, it shall happen every night. These gloves are quite filthy now, of course. I shall have to remove them…”

Finished, and spent, I collapsed into her arms, panting as I stared up at the chandelier on dining room ceiling, lost in its sparkling lights. I felt her bare finger, delicate and yet strong, rub against my chin. Her thumb passed over my lips.

“Jonathan…” she said in the sweetest voice, looking at me with intense desire. “Oh Jonathan…how I have longed for these lips…over centuries, how I have waited…”

Taking my queue, I lifted myself, and brought my face near to hers. I felt her warm breath as she exhaled in anticipation, felt my own heartbeat quicken as I brought my face close to hers, and to her slightly opening mouth.

Our lips met. She did not mind the taste of her own milk, and her tongue licked and pressed against my own. Her fangs gnashed in my mouth, but caused no wound, merely reminding me of her hunger and nature. She held my head fast as we kissed, and I put my hand to her face, feeling the return of warmth and seeing a redness come to her cheeks.

We kissed each other in this way, our arms exploring each others’ bodies, her breasts pressed against my naked chest. It might have gone this way, and we might have kissed and then retired, but something unintended happened. Desislava, gnashing her teeth eagerly as I had turned my face, had caught the corner of my mouth with her fang.

“Ow!” I said, recoiling. I felt at the spot, and taking away my hand, I saw that it was stained red.

“Ooh, my poor Jonathan!” She exclaimed. “I did not mean to bite! I-” she stopped a moment. She saw the blood on my hands, and on my face.

Her eyes became…different. There was a hunger in them, a bit like staring at the hollow eyes of a hungry bear, where appetite alone exists within the soul. “I…” she continued.

She lunged, and her tongue licked at the spot, then entered my mouth. On her tongue I could taste the metallic of blood, the copper taste which was unmistakable. Her kisses came with growls, and her tongue began to press and slathered over mine, as she snarled and licked at my cut. For my part I reeled, unsure of how or what I should do to respond.

She broke our kiss, and I saw that her eyes glowed with purple intensity. She grasped me behind the chin and tilted me away, exposing my neck. Instinctively I struggled, but she held me in an iron grip, and all at once I felt like a jackrabbit in the jaws of a she-wolf. I began to feel both afraid, and yet aroused, for even in the midst of her frenzy, she was gentle.

Her lips pressed against my neck, and I felt the sharp teeth against my skin. I gasped, my heart thumping in my chest like the drumbeat of a Roman galley, as mortality, immortality, fate, and other desperate thoughts swirled in my head. I cried out in despair at it all.

The noise seemed to have a profound effect on her, for she withdrew her teeth. “No…no…no!” she repeated to herself. “Not like this, not so simple and savage. But…but I must have you. Must…there’s better than blood!”

She stared at me with frenzied eyes, and lifted me in her arms. I didn’t precisely know what she was going to do, but I had a few ideas, and they made my loins stir anew.

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