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Firstly – I am working on Pomp and Perspicacity’s next chapter, and my goal is to get it out soon. Hopefully it will be this week or next week. I have hit the ‘clicking’ point where writing it is essier. The tl;dr for this post is that I’m planning to focus more on larger projects as opposed to one off lewds for a while, so new story post frequency may drop for a few months.

So I have posted a new story pretty much every week for two years. I enjoy getting feedback from people, and I love the dopamine rush of getting likes, but I want to focus on my other projects that I have open. In general I was trying to do a weekly ‘quick’ story and a longer story over time. The idea is I get those sweet dopamine hits from views and I get my longer projects out.

Sadly, what’s happened is that the ‘quick’ stories ain’t really so quick, and so in a given week I spend three or four days writing the quick story, one day relaxing, and two or three days on the longer project.

The issue is it’s taking a while to finish bigger projects, and stories are piling up, and I think the one-offs, while sometimes popular and successful, are not getting the attention that I need. It is time to take a step back, even if my view counts drop.

The funny thing is, even as a micro-celeb (very micro), you still aren’t immune to the fear of losing readers. I like having readers. It’s amazing. That ultimately is what worries me; if I stop posting weekly, I’ll lose readers, and people will wander off and never come back. I hope that doesn’t happen, but to be honest I think I need to recalibrate in order to produce good quality and get some passion back into writing. Plus my good friend Victor really wants to work on his writing, and I want to help him with that, since I think he can really grow as a writer (despite being a corn-syrup drinking retard).

I will post one-off lewds still, but I want to be slightly more deliberate about it. I think the quality will increase and I can do more involved projects. The most fun time I was writing was when I was basically just writing whatever I wanted without caring much about deadlines.

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  1. No worries about me going anywhere you’re one of my favorite authors so I’m in it for the long haul. I love your stories and can’t wait for what you have to share

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  2. Never deny your passion. I think you have a great gift with your writing abilities and have always appreciated you being able to share it with us. A part of growing that gift is evolving and taking a risk or two along the way. If a fan were to wander off due to a lack of volume of your posts then they probably weren’t fans to begin with, or at least the supportive type.

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  3. While I enjoy the smaller projects I prefer quality over quantity I’m sure we’re all willing to wait for good stories. Other smut authors usually follow this plan anyway working on big projects over the course of months. If your truly concerned about losing readers maybe try and do what snekguy does and release it in segments. 500-1000 new words posted daily or even post what you have done at the end of the week. Just my opinion do what you think is right 🙂

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  4. Hell yeah good sir, do what you think works best for you! I know I will keep coming back, because your work is just that good. Take all the time you need, for quality will always be more beneficial. Who needs deadlines when the writing is good?

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  5. If Spidernon has million numbers of fan i am one of them . if Spidernon has ten fans i am one of them. if Spidernon have only one fan and that is me . if Spidernon has no fans, that means i am no more on the earth . if world against Spidernon, i am against the world.

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  6. Dude. Never try to force stories out of yourself. You are a person, and a rather talented writer, not a printing press combined with a shitpost-neural-network (which I sometimes doubt, lol). If you feel like you can’t physically keep up with this pace, fuck you, you should take a rest immediately, otherwise you’ll burn out and won’t be able to write at all for a long time. Do you need more time? Go ahead, I’m all for it. High-quality humor and delusions of drunken delirium in your stories are worth any expectation.

    U.P.D. I can’t find one story, can you name it for me? It seems like I read it from you, there a man was “tormented” by a dark elf, and then he chained her and went for a sandwich or something like that.

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    • Thanks for the kind words 🙂

      I don’t think that story was me. I had a story where a man gets ‘raped’ by a Dark Elf, but he never chains her and leaves. She chains him up (as it should be).


      • This is so oddly strange. I’m sure I didn’t make this story up. Are you sure you didn’t post any short dark-elf story besides those two about a human in the dark elf underworld?

        I only say this because the only MGE-writers I read for now are you and medusofag (because I don’t know much about the others).

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  7. It is already a habit for me to check every few days to see if anything new is posted and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. So take whatever time you need I’ll keep checking in.

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  8. I found my way here from reddit and even had a small chat with you. Its well worth the wait and i’m damn well staying cause you put in the time for your stories and if you need more time to write them, you take it. we all get burnt out and aren’t able to work on the things we enjoy sometimes. take as much time as you need.

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  9. I found my way here from reddit and liked your stuff and even had a tiny chat with you. I really like the work you put out and it shows that you really put in the time with and every story so if you need to take time to focus on the big projects, take it. we all get burnt out sometimes and never seem to get time to do what we enjoy. we’re not going anywhere so you do you and keep grinding…… plus there’s also medusa’s stories so you know theres plenty to keep keep me occupied in the mean time lol.

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  10. Hey please never be afraid to live your life and take the time you need. A story each week is a crazy feat and I absolutely in no way hold it against you for taking your time. Work to the goals you set and I promise I’ll definitely still be here checking in regardless. Take care and thanks for your work!

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