Husband Upon Sporn, Part 1 – Amnesia (Femdom, Hivemind Wife)

I awoke, coughing as I regained consciousness, to the familiar sound of the internal fan in my EVA suit whirring in my ears. The soothing white noise masked a feeling of being out of place, out of time. My mind felt as if there was something just at the tip of it, as if thoughts I could grasp up easily were slipping away. I could not remember anything, save that I was in my EVA suit. My name…my name was Eugene. I remembered that much.

I was on a planet with thick, dark gray clouds and thunderous noise, which rumbled my suit and thumped my chest. This isn’t Titan, I told myself. Nor is it mercury. Off in the distance, rising, was a pillar of light which stretched into the black sky, surrounded by craggy mountains and strange, oval shaped obelisks and platforms. I needed to go there, I remembered that. Roza was there. Yes, Roza…I remembered her.

A few things vaguely began to make sense again. I was on one of Roza’s planets, and Roza wanted me to go to her, to travel across the surface and reach her, at the beacon of light. Why I needed to be dropped off here, I couldn’t recall, if she had even bothered to tell me. So much was so vague. The surface of the planet was rocky and uneven, and I resolved to make my way towards the bright lights in the distance, and towards Roza. I could remember her smile, her bright eyes, and her imperious demeanor. Roza was one of a kind, I knew that much.

I advanced in my EVA suit, watching back and forth and listening for any disturbances on my motion trackers. All I could hear was the howl of the very poisonous winds outside. The air was toxic, and deadly, but fortunately my suit was well-insulated against such things. I had no food, but my ETA said that the journey was about five hours of straight walking.

My motion tracker beeped, and turning I saw a Spiker Spider. These, I remembered, were one of Roza’s forms, the scouts which went out into the universe to spy on civilizations, which she would then eat. Oh, right…I remembered. Roza was a HiveMind that ate civilizations. She was an existential terror, but the most adorable existential terror that there ever was.

Fumbling, I reached for my speaker.

“H-hello, R-Roza,” I said, clearing my throat as my voice echoed over valleys. I waved at it. The Spiker Spider stared at me with wide eyes, and I got the distinct impression it thought I was fucking crazy for talking to it. The Spiker Spider blinked at me, turned away, then trotted off over the sand dune.

I sighed, feeling a little dejected by the cold reaction of the Spiker Spider. Usually they were so happy to see me. At least, I thought…

My thoughts were jarred as my intercom rang. “CALL INCOMING…” A cheery voice announced in my ear, as the same message lit up on my display.

“Hello?” I asked, which always makes you sound dumb.

“Heyyyy buddy, it’s me, Drualt,” the voice on the phone said. “So, ah, Roza just asked me to get in touch with you. It seems you don’t have a good handle on what’s going on, due to the amnesia gas.”

“Drualt…” I echoed. I remembered him: the Dark Elf poet and pervert. I vaguely recalled him having sex with a parked car once, and even more astoundingly with one rolling down a hill in neutral. “What is going on?”

“Well, I’m just checking in. Roza sent you here as a test of her many conquest forms (and love forms). The idea is for a hapless Eugene to wander across her surface, to see how long you last before you get picked up and molested.”

“I don’t follow,” I said. “She knows where I am. She can just abduct me, right?”

“Well…so a thing about that,” Drualt said. “The life on Sporn’s surface is all Roza, but for some of them, it’s only a one way existence. Roza exists inside them, but inside them, she doesn’t remember that she’s Roza. From inside that form, she can’t tell she’s a Hive Mind.”

“So…she thinks she’s an individual inside them?” I asked, rubbing my temple.

“They are sock puppets that Roza plays with. It is all part of her plan to…well, I can’t say any more. She has been evolving them, but now it is time to test these sock puppets against you.”

“I see. And so why am I being notified of this, now?”

“Because you just announced your position over a loudspeaker,” Drualt said. “Roza had to restart the entire experiment because you were about to get subdued within forty five seconds. She wants me to tell you that you gotta be more discreet.”

I sighed. “I wish she’d just tell me herself.”

“Well, you’ll be seeing her soon. The Spiker Spiders are watching you. A Star Whale is over you in orbit, with thirty thousand war forms ready to be at your position inside of sixteen seconds.”

“Why is that necessary, if it is all Roza here?” I asked.

Drualt was silent for a moment. “Let’s just say the surface is all Roza, and most of the underground,” he said at last. “Roza is not about to risk anything else getting you.”

I frowned. “What’s below us? An eldritch horror?”

“That is part of what you are to discover,” Drualt said. “Roza wants your honest assessment, not impeded or influenced by her, of the things beneath the surface, and her forms above it. To this end, Roza reset everything. Don’t go broadcasting, or you’ll arose the Naruti.”

“The Naruti?” I asked. “Who are they? Forms of Roza?”

“No. They are not your friends, but I can’t say anything else about them,” Drualt answered gravely. “You have an army behind you, and a darksign, but they can still ruin your day, Eugene. But I gotta go; I was asked to remind you to be sneaky for as long as you can, and I have done so. Roza wants you to last at least ten minutes.”

“And what are you off to go do?” I asked.

“Write a romance novel,” he said. He sighed. “Sadly, I can’t release under my name; too crowded by my smut. Anyways, have fun down there! Roza’s Garozella form awaits you at the beacons.”

He hung up, and I heard the cheerful ending chime of my EVA suit’s comm system.

“Fun,” I grumbled as I stared out my viewscreen. I looked out at the windswept barren wastes. I stared up at the sickly green and orange clouds that rumbled and flashed with lightning that never reached the ground. “This place doesn’t seem fun.”

Nevertheless, I resolved to make my way to that distant pillar of light, to Garozella. Mentioning my form reminded me of her: the imperious Queen, the ultimate shapely dominatrix, birthed from the Spiker Spider whom I had first befriended. I missed her, and longed for her, and resolved to finish all this nonsense on Sporn quickly.

A black path snaked forward amidst the terrain, stretching on into the horizon and towards the distant light, flanked at random intervals by obelisks and ruined statues. It headed towards the remnants of great dark gray dome, one which looked as it had collapsed in on itself during a cataclysmic earthquake that had caused the mountain to collapse upon it.

The wind-swept barrens were a sickly reddish brown, made brighter by the sun which managed to break through the blackening clouds every so often. I walked on for a short time amidst the dunes and packed earth before I made my way onto the even stone of the black path.

As I made my way I came upon an obscured, immense black stone, half emerging from the hill it was embedded in, next to the collapsed pillars of some ancient ruin. This stone was the remnant of a great statue. It was an oblong head, a woman’s head, with pupil-less eyes and a mouth submerged in the sand, giving the statue the effect of looking like it was chomping down on an arm. The downed pillars, I saw now, were the remnants of its body. The statue had fallen over, perhaps after centuries of disrepair.

I inspected the crumbled statue, looking at the face and touching the stone, analyzing it with my onboard spectrogram. It did not look to me to be evocative of Roza, or any of my hazy memories of her. This was old, something that had fallen into ruin thousands of years ago. I put my hand to its surface. It was a useless gesture, as my suit’s thick gloves prevented any tactile information from being recovered. Strange runes lined the stone, and on the back of its head, there was a bas relief, a carving of figures. They looked to be a race of vaguely felinid humanoids, gathered around a great mouth of jagged teeth, like the mouth of a leech or tapeworm. They danced about the great mouth, spears above their heads. Some of them, priestesses it appeared, were taking children and cutting them apart with knives, then tossing them into the great leech mouth. A strange race of heathens, I concluded.

I decided to keep my eyes out for any other ruins as I made my way towards Roza, since they may be part of the mystery that I was to uncover. I suspected that my path would not be an easy one, fraught with perils from the Naruti and…other perils from Roza’s forms. I continued towards the collapsed Dome, which I guessed was built by the same people who had made the statue. Midway between this statue and the Dome on the black path was an archway, and I resolved to go to it to inspect it for more information. I wondered if this civilization was the Naruti that Drualt had mentioned, or some other relic from a bygone age. In any case, the only way was forward.

The black road winded and curved over the barren hills, the poisonous wind howling in my ears. As I traveled, amid the whirring of my fans and sounds of my servos, I heard a ticking sound, echoing on the wind. It was so faint I assumed it was debris rattling against my suit, a stuck stone or a loose wire rattling against the thick polymer fabric. But the ticking grew louder, and more numerous, as I traveled, and as I stopped, it seemed to stop. It was either a noise of my suit’s movement, or something was watching me, and moving when I moved, pausing when I paused.

I traveled on in this way, with a growing concern over either the safety of my suit or the safety of my journey. It was not long before I found myself before another broken and shattered obelisk lying across the black path. This one, a felled pyramid, had another bas-relief visible on one of its faces. This one seemingly depict the cat-like race, but amidst trees and vegetation. It seemed to be a mural of a war between factions, with the leech mouth on one side, seeming the god of one faction, as the other factions fled in terror before it. Was this, perhaps, some primitive rendition of Roza, a great mouth? Had this mural chronicled her conquest of this world? But if that were the case, why had all of this fallen into disrepair? Or…was this Great Mouth some god of the Naruti’?

My thoughts on these matters were interrupted by the ticking sound, which I know could hear while I was standing still. I scanned the area around the bas-relief, tapping my motion scanner and searching to see where the source of the noise was. My motion scanner went off. That was when I saw a small figure crest the hill to my left, to the northwest. The Spiker Spider from earlier (I assumed it was the same one) had crested the hill, and was staring down at me with her big eyes. I resisted the urge to acknowledge her, but I saw her lift a spiky leg, and point at me.

I cleared my throat, unsure if I should run, come closer, or just stay where I was. I didn’t announce myself to the Spiker, still following Drualt’s advice. However, I noticed that the ticking sound was growing louder and louder, a cacophony of ticks which indicated strongly some kind of force or presence. And that was when I saw antennae begin to crest the hill. LOTS of antennae. The Spiker Spider had, inexplicably, betrayed me to the locals, who seemed to be so low to the ground that they didn’t trip the motion scanner. As I was unsure precisely what awaited me from these things, I decided to get the fuck out of there. I took off running in the opposite direction, as fast as I could move in my suit.

Behind me, the ticking rose in a furious crescendo, as the strange creatures pursued me. I ran onward, unsure of where I could even go, how far they would chase me, or where I could run. Flicking on my rear display in my HUD, I saw my pursuers.

They were tiny girls, like busty, nude little centaurs with their lower halves being a centipede instead of a horse. They had big, bug eyes, two antenna on top of their heads, and they had fetching little pincers on the sides of their full lips. The centigirls moved extremely fast, and when I saw how close they were getting, I opened up my stride and increased my speed. Behind them, confirming everything, I heard the sound.

“Tick tick! Tick tick! Tick tick!” I heard behind me. The centimaidens were swarming after me, crawling all over each other as they did their best to reach me. Unmistakably, this was some form of Roza’s, and while I was quite sure she didn’t intend to harm me, I was quite certain the planet of Sporn would utterly destroy me.

I kept running, hoping the centimaidens, the Tick-Ticks as I began to call them, would suddenly tire out, but they never did, or never seemed to. I was now running perpendicular to the road, into the crimson-red blood fields beyond. The flats gave way to craggy rocks, and still they followed, but I hoped that I could find a hiding space or area where I could hunker down. My topological map showed an area with a few caves, and so I started to head towards them, weaving around the rocks and stones attempting to lose my pursuers.

I ran, focused on my map and the rear display, aware that I could see no Tick-Ticks and the sound of their names was going fainter, as I retreated deeper into the rocks. I neared the caves and exhaled with relief. I had managed to escape. I looked up at my front display, in time to see the black half-spherical thing dart out in front of me.

I tried to stop, but momentum worked against me, and I smacked into the Black dome-beast at full speed. I heard the denting of my suit, and the sensation of being launched into the air in an epic somersault. Uh oh, I thought to myself. I grit my teeth as I prepared to hit the ground, landing into a batch of purple vein-looking plants.

The plants were soft, and I did not have the painful crash for which I had braced. Instead I bounced into the air a good six or seven feet before landing again, upon the dirt. I struggled to get onto my feet, aware that the ravenous Tick-Tick horde was approaching.

As I got to my feet, I saw them approaching. My heart nearly stopped. The Tick-Ticks were jabbering excitedly, ticking as they approached me with ravenous speed in a swarm, as if I was a meal and they were starving.

I let out a terrified yelp, and stumbled as I ran in the opposite direction. It was like a nightmare, where I just couldn’t move fast enough to escape the oncoming enemy, only it was real life. And the enemy wanted to rape me on a poison gas planet.

I heard something thud against my suit, then something else, and something else, and something else. I continued trying to run, but it was getting harder to move, and it was clear they were on my suit, especially as a little pale woman with black centipede legs crawled down onto my viewscreen. Her head had two long antennae, and her eyes were pure black.

“Tick-Tick!” She announced cheerfully as she leaned upside-down into my sight. She waved with enthusiasm.

I screamed, and vainly tried to pull her off, but she latched herself in. I fell to the ground, rolling, trying to knock her and the others off, but this was the wrong move, for the swarm reached me. I heard a hissing and an alarm, felt the sucking action as air went from inside my suit to the outside, and my seals were breached. Little clawed hands poked through my suit material even as my front display plate was cracked in by strong lashes of centipede legs against it. I made peace with the fact that I was about to inhale a fatal amount of cyanide, and die within seconds. At least I had the Dark Sign, so I would re-form near Roza, I thought. Still, dying sucked. I mused that at least I had lasted about a half hour on the surface of Sporn.

But as the Tick-Ticks pushed into my suit, one of them latched her centipede lower half onto my lips, like a face hugger. Her entire lower half housed her womanhood, and as I felt her legs clamp to my face, and inhaled the smell of her sex, memories returned. They reminded me, vaguely, of another form of Roza that I had known: the slug-a-hugs, the medics who had cared for me, once, when I fought in a stone temple. Yet these were centipedes, and not worms. The force of Tick-Ticks knocked me to the ground and I prepared to die there.

The smell and air of her slit was Intense, and I felt a strange tingling sensation in my lungs as I breathed, and as she undulated on me. I could also feel the creeping legs of the other Tick-Ticks as they worked over me, and heard the tearing of my suit, and the tearing of my clothes. I felt the sharp claws of the Tick-Ticks as they rent through my shirt and pants, and saw how their claws left white lines on my skin, not deep enough to draw blood but deep enough to leave marks like a woman’s fingernails. Soon their little legs were all over my skin, their sweaty bodies swarming over me, and their ticking tongues deafening my ears.

As was inevitable, the Tick-Ticks found their way to my crotch, and with surprising deference they began the process of carefully removing my underwear. I was soon utterly exposed to the elements, my suit obliterated by the Tick-Tick swarm. I found that my eyes did not burn, nor my skin, nor when I breathed through my nostrils did I instantly taste death. I guessed that the strange air which I now breathed from the Tick-Tick’s womanhood, the tingling sensation that I felt in my lungs, had given me some means to adapt to the harsh conditions. Indeed, while I can’t say the poisonous air felt good to breath, there was no pain from it as if something were there, doing some kind of magitech to turn the poison into oxygen. My eyes tingled, not burned, and whatever I inhaled seemed to have made me able to sustain myself in this hideous climate, even when naked.

It still wasn’t a pleasant landscape. The winds swept over my body, giving me a slight chill though the air was otherwise warm, and heavy. With my survival guaranteed, I now realized that I had a very gregarious and lusty swarm of centipede girls crawling all over me. In fact, many were so horny that they just began to hump random parts of my body, letting out delighted high-pitched squeals amid their ticking, smearing their sweaty bodies and full round breasts against my skin and leaving centigirl cum to stain my skin.

But with my cock and balls exposed, it was a foregone conclusion that they would receive most of the focus of these little rapists. I couldn’t even see how many tiny mouths were there, but I could feel countless little lips kissing, little tongues licking, and even little teeth nibbling at my shaft and head. One Tick-Tick, especially hungry, had managed to get my whole cockhead into her mouth, and her little tongue licked the tip of my penis as she tried, impossibly, to take me deeper inside her, only managing to gag and squeeze on my head. I moaned into the pussy of the Tick-Tick imprisoning my mouth, and the Tick-Ticks all let out a triumphant laughter. Two Tick-Ticks began to fondle and nibble my balls, their little teeth gently gnashing against my sack and making me shudder, to their great delight.

Eager for an outlet for my rising arousal, I instinctively pushed my tongue into the strong uterine walls of my centipede dominatrix. I groaned as I strained to lick deeper inside her pussy, and I was shocked when things moved within. Two hot, wet, slimy tongues slithered inside her vagina, emerging and twirling over my own, gushing her cunt juices into my mouth. The taste was sweet and yet strong, like gin mixed with some exotic berry juice, and kicking my legs the tongues overwhelmed and ensnared mine, pulling me deeper into her pussy and squeezing as her walls tightened and squirted all over my face

I whimpered, swallowing down mouthful after mouthful of potent centigirl cum, as the little Tick-Tick facehugger began to violently quake and shudder, her whole body overwhelmed as she fucked my face. Her tits, well-sized for her body but still little, bounced and jiggled up and down, while the sucking action of her pussy and tightness of her tongues grew more and more extreme. The Tick-Ticks on my cock worked over me, as every girl there decided to see if they could throat me, taking turns pushing my cock head in their mouths while the others kissed, slapped, nibbled, and hugged my genitals in every available square inch. When one of them rubbed her sweat covered tits up and down my shaft, and I let out a very loud rumbling moan into my quaking face fucker, the other girls realized they had found something I truly liked.

Centigirl tits rubbed against my shaft, countless tits, as each girl took turns sliding her body up and down my shaft, letting their soft boobs wrap around my imprisoned cock, as one girl would mouth my cockhead. I was slick with centigirl sweat and mucus, filthy and overwhelmed as my mouth flooded with the juice of centigirl cunt. I started to pump the air with my hips, though quickly I was secured, and loudly admonished with ticks. Roza, of course, did all the fucking, at least with most of her forms. I was to be the passive and submissive fuck object, the resource, the male, the drone, like the African ants who catch their sausage fly husbands, rip off their wings, and take them deep into their burrows to endlessly be fucked by their Queen.

The Tick-Tick over my face gyrated rapidly, her pussylips shivering as her insides clenched and relaxed on my trapped mouth, pulling and pushing the air from my lungs and giving me the juices from her womanhood. Her tongues, overtaken by the firing of neurons as a climax neared, simply lashed my tongue back and forth, bullying and dominating it in an effort to let out the frustration of the pleasure.

“O! O, Tick! Tick Tick! TICK TIIIICK!” She screamed, eyes skyward, as her little body turbohumped my face so fast that it vibrated like a machine. For such a small sex form, her orgasm was enormous, and her tiny centipedal legs clamped around my cheeks as her tongues coiled around my own, and I was pulled in closer as she pressed her body flat against me. Her pussy shot out even more of her juices, and the panting Tick-Tick collapsed onto me, her feverish breaths giving way to delirious kisses and ticks of purest love and gratitude, and a frustrated growl of continued horniness.

As she kissed and fussed over me, dancing and smearing her tits against my lips and kissing my nose, the centigirls molesting my cock with their boobs were beginning to make me twitch and spasm. The pleasure of their slick little breasts against my glans was amazing, as the girls licked and kissed my head in an endless carousel. I cried out against the sweet, affectionate Tick-Tick who showered me with grateful kisses for giving her a nice orgasm.

The exquisite abuse of my cock continued, flooding me with that pleasure that only Roza could deliver. More and more of my memory returned, and I was familiar with this sensation all too well – the sensation of having many mouths work over my manhood, and many tits slide against my shaft.

My cock twitched, and my orgasm rose up, fulminating, my body shuddering as the tits and nibbles combined with the snuggling on my face. The Tick-Tick mounting my face decided to give me Eskimo kisses with her boobs, rubbing them against my nose as she kissed my forehead. This coupled with the tit-jobbing and nibbling on my cock made me arch my back and cry out.

“Ha ha!” The Tick-Tick on my face yelled triumphantly as she saw my impending climax. “Tick-Tick!”

I screamed, and erupted. Every spurt was dutifully swallowed, and a piranha like feeding frenzy occurred as multiple little centipede women jockeyed to get a good position to catch my spunk, kissing and nibbling on my cockhead as they giggled, rubbing their boobs against my balls.

The Tick-Ticks all cleared away as I panted, and the one on my face slowly slid down my naked and exposed body to my still-twitching cock. She turned to face me with a mischievous grin, settled her womanhood over me, and her inner tongues lowered, wrapping around my cock in opposite swirls, and pulled it into her waiting vaginal canal. The tight coiling of the tongues and the intense suction of the Tick-Tick’s vagina instantly got me hard again, and instantly began the intense physical act of dredging every ounce of sperm from my balls.

As I did that, a second Tick-Tick made her way to my mouth, turned to face the centigirl that was fucking me, and settled in on my face as a chair. Her inner tongues grasped my own, and pulled it in, flooding my mouth with the intoxicating taste of Tick-Tick pussy. The combination of being fucked on my face and my cock sent me back into the pleasure realm, and into memories of the same. My eyes rolled in my head, and I groaned. Her pussy was so tight, the suction so great, that I didn’t think I would last more than a few seconds.

But somehow I lingered, and the Tick-Tick’s powerful pussy churned on my cock with such muscular power that I flayed about my arms and legs, much to the amusement of the other Tick-Ticks. The Tick-Tick that had mounted my pole strained beneath the girth of my manhood and the pleasure it gave her, her little eyes shut as she screamed and ticked. Though my manhood stretched her insides, to her credit she carried on like a trooper, continuing to churn and slurp my cock with her two inner tongues, squeeze and coil me until I went mad.

That I erupted was no great surprise, only that I had lasted so long. The inner tongues licked me madly as they felt my penis throb and my orgasm begin, and the walls shuddered with tremors. The pussy on my face clamped down, eager to feel my scream inside her. The Tick-Tick on my cock shuddered so violently that her tits jiggled in the air, almost knocking her off balance. With a great cry I came, and so did she. Again I noted that for such a little creature there was a big orgasm inside her, and the Tick-Tick worked out all her pleasures on my spurting cock. Load after load of seed exited me, filling her greedy womb, as the pleasure washed over me and the pussy on my face mercilessly slid and gushed in my open, groaning mouth. I was in heaven.

My facefucker came soon after, overcome with joy at having had me scream an orgasm into her womb. The thrill of such dominance pleased her, and she ruthlessly thrust her pussy against my face as her inner tongues actually reached in and probed my mouth, her vagina clamping on my tongue. She then piled off, and slowly slid her still dripping pussy down to my trembling, deflated manhood.

For she expected the same treatment as the first, and it soon became clear that the others expected to receive two orgasms from me, as well – to fuck my face, and then my cock. The first satisfied Tick-Tick crawled onto my chest, hugged me tightly, and shut her eyes and went to sleep, settling in to a hearty cuddle as the others continued on in their frenzy to fuck the living daylights out of me.

“Please,” I whimpered, as my spent cock struggled under its re-hardening. “Please, let me rest.”

My pleas were cut short by a centigirl pussy, tightly forming a seal over my mouth. There would be no mercy for me here, on this harsh planet. There were consequences for getting caught, and I was feeling them. I remembered that Roza generally gave me a pill, a special performance enhancing pill, when I was expected to have coitus with multiples of her forms, but that didn’t seem to exist here. My suspicion was that was purposeful, and the goal of my Roza was to drain me, and make me weak, here. Helpless, tired. Roza enjoyed cuddling me as I was sleepy or exhausted, and her goal on this harsh world seemed to be to make me as vulnerable as possible.

To that end, instead of the pill, or Pom Pom’s milk, an oblong red…thing…was brought forward. It looked like some kind of mixture between a heart and a fruit, with tentacles that idly felt at the air. They brought the writhing fruit over my mouth, looking down at me with giggles and grins. One of the Tick-Ticks ripped open the fruit with a simple dragging of her razor sharp claw, and the heart fruit ripped open as if it were made of soggy paper, spilling its red blood over my mouth in a splash.

I swallowed, the tingling sensation making my head swim. The taste was of copper and salt. Blood, but yet not blood. There was a tartness to it that let me know it was some type of fruit pulp. But, this influx of fluid led to a most unnatural invigoration. My cock, once so spent, sprung to new life, though I still felt tired, I felt energy enough to soldier on. And so, another Tick-Tick mounted my cock, and another mounted my tongue, and after I made them both squeal (and they made me scream) they both dismounted and found a spot on my body to cuddle up and rest. It went on like this, for an eternity of ecstasy, exhaustion, and service, until I had satisfied them all, and every one of them had fucked my face and my cock.

Groaning, I stretched. All of my muscles were sore, and had a Tick-tick clinging to them, fiercely but lovingly. Soon, the countless Ticks-Ticks had all settled in to a peaceful sleep over me, and the sounds of the poison winds lulled me into drowsiness. It was then that I had the first of my Sporn Hallucinations.

I yawned, and turning my head, I looked over to see a tiny potbellied man sitting on the empty husk of a large chitin leg. He was wearing an archaic Regency-Era Squire outfit, puffing away at a pipe, sending clouds of smoke into the sky. Slowly, he withdrew his pipe from his lips, and blowing out a perfect ring of smoke into the air, he stared at me thoughtfully.

“S P O R N,” He said, his voice echoing even above the howling winds, reverberating in my ears. And then, he vanished. I looked to the Tick-Ticks, hoping if anyone could tell me if there really was a strange little dwarf, or if I was imagining it. As I tried to move, the Tick-Tick on my chest shot up, giving me an upset glare.

“Tick-Tick,” she commanded, bonking me on the forehead. Thus admonished, I faded into a tired sleep, exhausted.

My dreams brought me to the field of glowing flowers and lilies, the place of my slumber, where Roza would dream with me. I was eager to try to talk to her about my situation, but Rozella my butterfly waifu gently caressed me to her chest, bidding me to suck on her dreamy blue breasts as I lay peacefully in the world of sleep. The air was clean, and fresh, and I felt her warm embrace. When I tried to speak to her, her finger would press to my lips, and she would shush me, or she would speak to me of old matters, or other adventures.

So when I was awake, I had learned nothing from her of the world of Sporn, or my mission, or the whereabouts of my favorite form of hers, Garozella. All I learned – or had confirmed- was that she loved me, which while a really nice thing to know, was not especially helpful in figuring out what I was supposed to do.

Shaking off the effects of sleep (if not my tiny captors), I took stock of my area. I was a off the black path by perhaps a half mile, amidst orange brown dirt. There was a persistent hiss as the winds swept up the top sands and moved them in great gusts. Storms rumbled in the distance, and on the horizon, I saw what I thought was a mountain begin to move, and heard a deep yet strangely womanly roar which rumbled the ground, shaking my chest.

“W-what is that?” I asked.

One of the Tick-Ticks on my chest stirred, yawning and stretching. She blinked her pure black eyes, stared into my face with a little smile, then frowned as she realized I had asked a question.

“Tick-Tick?” She asked.

I pointed at the moving mountain – a feat in and of itself, given the three Tick-Ticks weighting down my right arm.

Tick-Tick gave me a dismissive hand-wave. “Tick-Tick,” she said.

I stared over at the hulking Roza form, wondering if it was a combat form or a sex form, and fearful what the latter would mean for me. Overhead, I saw black forms beginning to circle. I swallowed. Those weren’t vultures, and their cries seemed to carry laughter with them. The half-circular beetles skittered on the surface, and I wondered what kind of creature was underneath that black carapace. Everywhere I realized this planet was teeming with life, and all of it wanted to sit on my crotch and make me call them Mommy.

The girls had re-dressed me in my tattered underwear during my exhaustion coma, and so at least my manhood was not exposed to watching, horny eyes. But the fliers laughed above, and the beetles skittered nearer, and the mountain in the distance rumbled…

Yet it was none of these which disturbed me or the Tick-Ticks, but a force coming from the way of the black road. I saw a group of humanoids appear, cresting over the nearest barren hill, and standing atop it as they surveyed the area. These were women, and by their mien and countenance I guessed them to be forms of Roza. They were thin and lithe, with curves but also with forms streamlined for war. They wore armor forged from obsidian carapaces and chitin, ornate and yet tough, and bore spears and daggers of the same material. They looked like Valkyries, but Valkyries with purple skin, and darker purple hair.

“Captain, look, over there!” One girl, a busty tall elf-looking shieldmaiden exclaimed, pointing down at me.

“What is it, Citrona?” An ornately helmed purple woman, whom I guessed to be the captain, asked. She was taller than the others, and bore a spear with a wide cutting tip, and armor that was thicker and more ornately patterned.

“There is a gathering of Us-Forms, Sister-self. They seem to have captured an outsider, and killed him.”

The news seemed to generate a buzz among the others, if my ears were any guide. Their commander chided and silenced the tittering voices behind her. But as they were speaking, a Tick-Tick stirred, and decided to curl up in a ball on my face, as a cat might do.

“Tick-Tick!” I whispered.

She yawned defiantly, wiggling her butt against my face. “Tick-Tick,” she responded. And so, I was deprived of any further sight of the encroaching warriors. They weren’t the mysterious Naruti, at least. Well, hopefully…

“Quiet down, girls, you can get your damned trophy bones in a minute! Citrona, go over and take a closer look at that. Aneka, Sadie, go check the area for any traps.”

I heard Citrona approach, but only because I was listening for her. The Scout was quiet on her bird-like feet, moving slowly on her talons with the faintest sound of sand crunching underfoot. She stopped close to me, her foot near my face, as the Tick-Ticks trilled.

“He died with his eyes open…what in the…” she whispered. She knelt down close to me. I heard her breathing, and felt wisps of the warm poison air leaving her mouth, filling my nostrils and somehow not killing me.

I blinked. “H-hello?” I asked, as the scout girl leaned over me.

“Ack!” Citrona exclaimed, jumping in the air with such a sharp yelp that I yelped too. She pointed her dagger at me, the point near my face.

“Easy!” I exclaimed, and the Tick-Ticks formed a hasty shield wall.

“Tick-Tick! Tick-Tick!” They yelled, more like an angry sorority at a rival house than a phalanx of defenders.

“You…defend him?” Citrona asked.

“What’s going on, Citrona?” The captain called down.

Citrona didn’t answer. She sheathed her dagger, and after a hesitation she leaned in, her deep amber eyes staring into mine, as she looked at me with her mouth agape. Blinking, she slowly ran one of her fingers along my lip, the soft skin making me shut my eyes as I recognized the touch of Roza in it. Giggling, two Tick-Ticks alternated kisses on the spots where her finger had touched.

“Citrona, report!” The captain shouted.

“The outsider is still alive, captain!” She announced.

“What?” the captain replied with an incredulous tone. There was tittering among the others. She made the descent down the hill herself, drawing nearer to me. “The Us-forms would not spare an outsider!”

“I swear it to you, sister-self,” Citrona answered as her captain drew near. “He’s alive, and the Tick-Ticks are on him like Suk Suks on a plump mushroom.”

“Tick-Tick!” One of the Tick-Ticks, who was using my knee as a throne, announced with a triumphant nod.

The captain was standing over me, an intimidating presence for sure. She had a bit of Garozella in her, in her face. Her eyes had that same gleam which let me know that my wife was in there, but there was a cloudiness in them. The limitations of her form had changed her, and it was almost like a Roza from an alternate reality, where I had never existed.

The captain stared at me guardedly, but there was wonder in her eyes too. Soon, all of the girls were gathered around her, staring at me similarly, looking at me from beneath their open faced helms.

“What is it?” One of the girls asked, staring at me with wonder.

“The Uth-Formth theem to have claimed him ath a rethource,” one of the girls said in a high, lisping voice.

Citrona stared down at me, blinking in wonder. “Could it be a Eugene?” She asked.

“Be serious, Citrona,” one of the girls said in a harsh voice.

“I am! Why can’t it be?”

“Eugenes are make-believe, like Snorffles, or Suk Suks.”

“…but what if he is?”

They all stared at me for a moment, wide-eyed. In their eyes, I saw over a million perverted fantasies play out – and I knew all of Roza’s most perverted fantasies.

“M-maybe we thhould take him with uth,” the lisping girl said. She stepped forward. She was a cute, smaller girl with big eyes, who smiled at me nervously. She had slightly buck teeth, like a rabbit, and golden freckles on her purple skin. She looked small in her armor, with big hips. She was very cute and cuddly.

“Tick-Tick!” The Tick-Tick near my cock announced. She pointed at the big-eyed girl, then at my crotch, and nodded.

The captain, however, narrowed her eyes. “Perhaps it is best to just leave him,” she said. “Whenever we obey or listen to the Us-Forms, it always leads us to disaster.”

“Tick-Tick,” A different Tick-Tick admonished with a dismissive handwave.

“The Us-Forms are forever getting us into trouble,” the captain continued, sounding somewhat resentful. “They get us into scrapes with the Naruti. They think its funny.”

“Tick-Tick,” The Tick-Tick on my knee answered with a nod and a hearty laugh. The rest of them laughed as well.

“I think…” one of the larger warriors said, stepping forward. It was the one who had the harsh voice. This one was tall, and looked more functionally inclined than the others. Brutish, even. She lowered her spear until it was over my throat. Her eyes had little warmth, and a great amount of coldness, no doubt inculcated by the harshness of this world. “I think this is just a man. An outsider. We kill outsiders, and turn their bodies into food to make more Lithelings, and their bones into trophies.”

“But the Tick-Tickth…”

“They are idiots,” the large warrior snapped at the smaller girl. “The Us-Mother has them root through scum and debris to find the Great Mouth’s parasites. We caught them worshipping a dark elven sex toy once, remember?”

The Tick-Ticks shouted ticks at this, raising their fists and shaking them. They clearly saw this as a mischaracterization of what they were doing with the sex toy. One Tick-Tick tapped me on the shoulder, and shook her head vehemently.

I swallowed as the spear point hovered inches over my throat.

“Put your spear away, Aneka,” the captain said in a stern voice. “You are out of line in this. The outsider is clearly special.”

With a grunt, the large form did so, bringing her spear away and stepping back. I exhaled with relief. “As you command, captain. You are all idiots to let this thing live, for a myth. I say it should be tossed off a cliff.”

Overhead, I heard very angry shrieks in the sky above.

“Aneka, you are being wrong,” the big-eyed girl said in a pleading voice, tugging on the big warrior’s arm with her little hands . “What if he’th a Eugene?”

Aneka wrested her arm free, and stared down at me coldly. “What has pining for Eugenes ever gotten us? We live in the real world, sister-selves. It is a harsh world, a world of meat and dead things, a world of nightmares. There is no magic Prince who will come and put babies in our bodies. There is no special union with the Us-Mother for us.”

“…but don’t you think he’s cute?” Citrona asked.

Aneka looked down on me with the same dull hunger of a polar bear. “No,” she said.

Everyone gasped. The Tick-Ticks looked on in shock. In the distance, the Mountain stood up tall. The warrior continued:

“I feel nothing for him, even if he is a Eugene. Love is a waste of…of…time…”

Her words died in her throat. She blinked rapidly, and clutched at her temple, wide eyed, choking and gagging as her body seized up. With a shriek, she fell to the ground, overwhelmed by some sensation which had struck her. The other girls retreated, fearful, while one of the Tick-Ticks yawned. Aneka’s eyes and countenance changed, becoming Roza-like in an instant. She dropped her spear onto the earth with a thud, and pulled a hiltless black dagger from her belt, a jagged black spike with no crossguard.

“This reaction is unacceptable,” Aneka’s body said in a voice very different from her own. It was a flat, yet very familiar tone. “This form is corrupted, useless. The gene responsible for this has been identified. These mutants shall be culled. Do not harm him, or threaten him, or fail to love him. I have spoken. We have spoken. You have spoken. We Are All The Same.”

As soon as Aneka’s body finished speaking, she ran the black knife across her throat, and the husk fell to the ground, dead. The other warriors looked to each other fearfully.

“The Uth-Mother thpeakth!” The nerdy girl exclaimed.

“It has been an age…”

“We have upset her! She will punish the Litheling forms for this, for sure!”

“Litheling forms?” I asked a Tick-Tick. “Is that them?”

Tick-Tick nodded.

“Well, tell them you won’t punish them,” I said, alarmed by the fear of the cute Lithelings and the growing pool of blood on the sand from the dead one.

Tick-Tick looked at me, then at the Lithelings. She shrugged. “Meh. Tick-Tick.”

“Roza, stop being so mean to yourself,” I said. “You scared the hell out of them.”

“Tick-Tick!” Tick-Tick said, folding her arms and pointing her nose skyward.

“No, I’m not overreacting. It’s distressing,” I replied. “I don’t want to see you kill yourself, and scare yourself.”

“Tick-Tick,” Tick-Tick replied coldly.

“Was there any chance she could actually attack me, though?” I asked.

“Tick,” she said with a haughty laugh. She pointed at the sky, and I saw that there were at least sixty fliers there, swirling, ready to swoop down. Then she pointed at her temple, and at Aneka’s temple. Roza had been able to take control of her Aneka form as easily as wiggling a toe, and had other forms there beyond that. This had been a test, I realized, and Aneka had failed it.

“Then why destroy her? Besides, I have a DarkSign, even if she did attack…”

“Tick-Tick!” The Tick-Tick said. Her nostrils flared, and she rose up. “Tick-Tick Tick-Tick Tick-Tick, Tick-Tick Tick-Tick!” She screamed, staring at the dead corpse and pointing. She grew red-faced, settling in to a torrent of ticking that grew angrier and angrier. The Lithelings began to shrink away, falling back, as the torrent of ticks directed at them became loud and furious. They trembled, and bowed their heads as the little Tick-Tick berated them, pointing at the dead warrior as if her actions had been there fault.

The captain bowed her head. “Aneka was my responsibility. Destroy me, but spare the others. Spare the experiment…”

Her words were cut short by a rumble in the sky above. Darkness filled the sky, and looking up I saw the fliers had scattered as the behemoth form of a Star Whale filled the space above us. It hovered there, causing gusts of poison wind to fall down upon us by the actions of its propulsive gills. For a moment I thought I was going to be at ground zero of some kind of angry HiveMind waifu exterminatus, but instead the Star Whale let out a loud song, and several black dots fell from it, heading towards us at speed.

They landed with a great shaking of the ground and kicking up of dust, and as I coughed out the dirt and the clouds settled, it became cleat that dark forms had landed, and were very slowly moving forward put of their impact craters.

When the air was finally unperturbed, I saw four Detheka forms approaching me, as heavily armed and armored as when they had appeared, when I fought in that stone temple. My mouth watered as I saw the chitin-clad bosoms, and my stomach rumbled. Instantly I remembered my blue milk diet from the venerable Pom Pom forms which wore the Detheka carapace, and I eagerly strained to reach them, though I was buried under Tick-Ticks. The Dethekas, seeing my eagerness to rise for them, took a moment from looking menacing as hell to put their lobster claws to their helmed heads and titter like schoolgirls. Damned minxes, I thought to myself.

“The Us-Mother has sent War Forms,” the captain said. She looked at me fearfully. “To prevent us from doing him any harm.”

“He ith a Eugene,” the big-eyed girl said.

All the girls stared at me with amazement, mouths slightly open, looking absolutely adorable.

“We thould bind him, before he trieth to run away,” the big-eyed girl said. “Everyone knowth that Eugenth are eathily thpooked.”

“Agreed,” the captain replied, to my surprise.

Tick-Tick, to my even greater surprise, applauded this decision, clapping her hands together enthusiastically but generating a pathetic sound. “Tick-Tick!” She suggested.

“Okay, we can do that,” the captain told the Tick-Tick.

“Gag me?!” I repeated, incredulous. “Roza, you can’t just- MMMPH!”

A rawhide piece of tanned leather made from…something…was stretched tightly across my mouth, and I was lashed to the long black chitinous leg from which the old man had rested, tied fiercely to it by my merciless captors. They relished in roughly handling me, in forcing me against the chitin and watching my muscles tense and hearing my muffled cries. Despite how rough they were, there was care in their actions, and lecherous affection. They slid their calloused yet feminine hands across my naked chest, squeezing my muscles and pinching my abs. A leash was attached to my torn shorts, so the girls could tug me forward by the waist. The captain held the leash, coiling it around her hand. She gave it a testing tug, and smirked as she watched my pelvis lurch forward at her command. Immediately I knew she was going to rape me. They all were.

The Tick-Ticks all followed along behind the war party, marching in a great herd which had no intention of leaving me to the Lithelings. One Tick-Tick stayed near my face, clinging onto me and hugging me with all her might. The Lithelings seemed to ignore her, or somehow recognize that she was ordained to have this prominent position, as she kissed me and whispered soothing ticks in my ear.

“Let us move,” the captain said. “We shall take this Eugene to the priestesses, who shall, if he is judged a Eugene, lash him to the Altar of Sporn, to be ravaged endlessly by our lusty sex forms.”

“Mmmph?” I asked.

“Silence, Eugene-slave!” One of the girls said, lightly slapping me on the shoulder. Her hand lingered, groping my flesh, and I heard her let out a satisfied coo. Her eyes, flashing with anger, gleamed with another idea.

I was tugged onward, down the black road, and toward the great dome. A least, I told myself, I was still heading towards my ultimate objective: Garozella. More memories returned of her, or her main form, and I found that I missed it. My silent Detheka bodyguards slithered alongside me, and I was in the paradoxical situation of being a degraded slave and having a heavily armed bodyguard.

I had occasion to observe the interaction of Roza with herself, as her Tick-Ticks and Dethekas interacted with her Litheling forms. The Lithelings were individualistic, but only to a point. Though they all had their own emotional states, there were many little things and mannerisms that indicated they all were basically the same person. They looked upon the Tick-Ticks as if they were annoying little animals, which they mostly ignored. They looked upon the Spiker Spiders with great wariness, and the Dethekas with an almost willful, terrified refusal to acknowledge them at all. They simply moved aside as the Dethekas walked where they wished.

The Dethekas – and the delicious Pom Poms within their shells – slithered next to me, just beyond reach, play-acting extremely well as being terrifying and stoic guards. The fact that each could destroy a tank division added to that play-acting.

After some more time journeying, we reached the great archway that I had seen in the distance. As we drew nearer to it, I could see that there were more bas-reliefs sculpted onto its surface. I paused, hoping to stare at them more closely and see what these strange figures and shapes were. The captain turned when she encountered resistance to her leash, and when she saw my imploring eyes, she walked back to me.

“What is it?” She asked. Her eyes drifted to my crotch, and she licked her lips. “Do you…need something?”

I shook my head, then stared up at the arch and said nothing, for I was gaged.

“Yes, it is an arch. What about it?”

“Mmm,” I said, reminding her I was gagged.

The Tick-Tick on my chest sighed with exasperation. “Tick Tick!” She said.

The captain sighed. “Oh. Well, it’s from before the Us-Mother arrived on the planet. Or I guess as we arrived. This was created by the Naruti, the Ones Beneath Us, before the Us-Mother poisoned the world to kill the Great Mouths.”

“Mmh?” I asked, hoping I could enquire as to that last thing.

“I am not an historian or a priestess,” The Captain said. “I’m not qualified to answer such questions. Deeta!”

The big-eyed girl stepped forward. “Y-yeth, Captain?” She asked in her lisping voice.

“Explain these things to him, the arch…you know about this stuff.”

“Oh…” Deeta said. She took a deep breath. “The Arch wath created during the reign of Queen Erabia, who ruled from 3200 to 3203, the lath of the Queenth of New Calumna before the Thnap…”

I stared up at the arch, as a person who knew nothing being told proper names and dates by a person (or form), that knew too much. The Tick-Tick nodded along as Deeta spoke, either totally lost or totally aware of what she was talking about. By the mural, I saw the same cat-people standing amidst a field of corpses. What looked like all of Roza’s familiar forms lay in dead heaps, but a great Eye was above them, Roza’s eye. It was some triumphal arch, a piece of propaganda that remained standing perhaps as a grim joke by my wife, though I doubted she paid it any mind at all.

Although clearly she did on some level, for the bookish, small Litheling went on and on about New Calumna, and how the arches and architecture had degraded in quality from Middle Calumna, but how Calumna had gone into decline when it lost the favor of It. There was a lot of knowledge inside this form. And she was a dork, too. It was just cuteness overload. Roza certainly had a multi-faceted personality.

As she continued speaking, I observed two stone prongs, as to hold up a wooden beam or roasting spit, near the arch. The prongs were carved as gaunt, ugly little gargoyles with swollen, pregnant bellies and small yet sagging breasts. The forms were loathsome, with dragon’s faces and jagged teeth. There was something of the Great Mouths in their forms, and I found I hated it.

“…Oh. I see you noticed the offering stones. That is where they sacrificed them,” Deeta said, pointing at the two gargoyle prongs. “When they turned eighteen, they would vivisect them in a great ritual. They used to do it at one of the Great Mouths, but of course as we drove them farther and farther away from the Great Mouths, they resorted instead to making sacrifices at the Arch of Victory. I guess they thought the Great Mouths would honor the thought of tearing their own boys apart, but as you know, she’s a bitch.”

“Mmm?” I asked.

“The Great Mouths being a bitch? Oh totally…”

“Uh uh. Mmm,” I said, pointing with my nose at the spit, and staring at her, wide-eyed.

“Oh. What, the sacrifices?”

I nodded.

Deeta shrugged. “Well, the Great Mouth don’t like male Naruti. Or didn’t. Although that ithn’t accurate, either…thhe *did* like them, but ath a food. The female Naruti had to give them up, although that didn’t theem to bother them much. They weren’t netheththary anymore; the Naruti had their dumb BloodCoombth to procreate…”


“Oh right, BloodCoombth,” Deeta said. She blinked, and her smacked her lips around her little buck teeth. “Thporn had a species of wathp that would produce a red honeycomb from the nectar of the flowerth, called BloodCoombth. The BloodCoombth would releathe haploid Naruti thperm cells when burned. The Great Mouthth dethigned the wathpth to replace the Naruti maleth. The female Naruti gather up the BloodCoombth, thet them on fire, and linger amidtht the thmoke, which carrieth the thperm into their wombth. It is terribly inefficient compared to the Uth-Mother’th methodth of form creation, but the Great Mouthth ith a pathetic Hive Mind. LitheLingth were made ath a mockery of her Naruti; and we are thuperior in every rethpect.

“The Naruti are not well treated by the Great Mouthth, and they view themthelveth as dithtinctive from her, ath if they were her thlave or thervantth and thhe wath their god. Thhe is quite severe to them, and theemth to relithh in their pain and misery. But male Naruti were treated even worthe. They were fodder for endleth labor, and their condition only worthened as the BloodCoombth became more widely used. Ultimately they were all exterminated in favor of the BloodCoombth, which only birthed femaleth ath the Great Mouthth wanted. The Uth-mother destroyed the wathpth as a conthequenthe of harvethting the biomatter of the world, but thome linger beneath the thurface, thince the Naruti linger there.

“We have fought against them for centuries,” the Captain said. “We could wipe them all out, but our astromancers and shaman hold us back.”

“Well, if they were ever gone, we would be, too,” A warrior named Fenna said.

“Gone? Perhapth our deluthions of individuality, but not uth. Not me. We do not perith when we our formth die,” Deeta said. “We Are All The Thame.”

“We Are All The Same,” the girls all repeated, mercifully not mocking her lisp.

“I fear that we have lingered at the so-called Arch of Victory too long. We must get you to the shaman and priestesses,” the Captain said.

Deeta let out a disappointed groan. “But mutht we, tho thoon? The thaman and priethteththeth…you know what they’re going to do.”

“They’re gonna hoard him,” Fenna growled.

The other girls nodded.

“What happened to We Are All The Same?” The Captain asked.

“Exactly. Why the hell should we be in a rush to take him to the shaman and priestesses? We’re as good as they are,” the Scout, Citrona said, rubbing her chin. “We could take a little stop to play a game, couldn’t we, Captain?”

The Captain frowned. “A game?”

“Yeah. We could play pretend we’re New Calumna Queens…” she walked over to me, and put her finger on my lips. “And that the Eugene’s the sacrifice.”

“You don’t mean we torture and kill him, to offer him to the Great Mouth, do you???” Deeta asked, clutching my arm protectively. The other girls are shrank away with a gasp.

Citrona crinkled her nose. “What? No! I’m saying we put him on the spit, and molest him.”

“Oh!” Deeta said, exhaling with relief. “Good. I thought you went nutty like Aneka.”

“No, no, no…” Citrona said, eying the four intimidating Dethekas nervously. But they seemed to have understood her meaning. “I just figure we have him all tied up, and gagged…m-maybe we should take advantage of him.”

The Captain stared at Citrona with a furrowed brow and a frown. Her eyes darted to mine, and I could not make out the emotion in them. “Well…it would be good to test if he is a Eugene,” she said. My stomach fluttered as a playful smirk crossed her lips. “I’d hate to cause a fuss over nothing, after all…”

“Mmmmph?” I asked.

“You pipe down,” The Captain said, giving me a playful slap on the chest. “Nobody asked your opinion.”

“Tick-Tick!” Tick-Tick echoed, giving me her own slap.

The Captain tugged on my leash, yanking me almost off my feet as she led me over to the spits. She grabbed my chitin bar on either side, drawing in close to me almost in an embrace, and lifted me -and my Tick-Tick passenger- easily off the ground, securing me in the spit. She lingered there, her lips inches from mine, panting the cyanide air into my face. She inhaled.

“God, your smell…” she whispered. She retreated back, as Citrona came bouncing forward.

“Ok…so now what do we do?” One of the girls asked. “How do we molest a Eugene?”

“M-maybe we should practithe kiththing…” Deeta said, eying me nervously.

“Practice kissing? You mean…pair up again?” Citrona asked.

“You’ve done enough of *that* practicing, Citrie,” The Captain said. The scout blushed as the other girls giggled.

Deeta laughed, too. “No, I mean with him, thilly Thitrie.”

“Well it’s hardly practicing if it’s with him, is it? You are gonna make him thing I’m not into Eugenes or something!” Citrona said hotly. She cast me a look. “I’m all woman, I swear…”

“Well you can prove it,” the Captain said. “So…who wants to go first?”

There was silence. The Lithelings all stared at me like hungry dogs, but they were intimidated by me, too. They were also clearly nervous about screwing up, or doing something wrong. And so I dangled there for quite a while, as they stood quietly.

The Tick-Tick on my shoulder sighed, exasperated. “Tick-Tick!” She exclaimed, climbing down off me and going over to the shy Lithelings. She crept over to the Captain, and poked her in her scaly foot.

Wordlessly, the Captain stepped forward, taking a deep breath. She removed her helm and handed away her spear. Beneath her helm, her hair was gray dreadlocks, but like cords or tubes and not hair. As I dangled a foot in the air I realized how tall she was, for she was eye level with me as she approached. She reached out with a trembling hand, putting it to my face, breathing cool cyanide-air onto my lips.

“M-my name is Manta,” she said in a shaky voice. “I’m not sure if we’re supposed to tell you that, or if we go by the Us-Mother’s name…”

“Mmmph,” I replied, still gagged.

“Oh! Right…we can’t kiss you with that in, even if it does make you look so cute,” Manta said. She undid the rough rawhide clasp, and hung it from the spit. She ran her thumb over my lips. “S-so is that okay?”

“If you want me to call you Manta, that’s fine,” I said.

She hesitated. And I saw confusion in her eyes.

“What do you want me to call you?” I asked.

She took a deep breath. “My real name,” she said, and I realized she was looking to me to tell her what that was.

I stared at her, and beckoned her to lean in close to me, until her tasty ear was right near my lips.

“Roza,” I said.

Manta let out a rapturous moan, and with a sudden passion she fastened her lips to mine. She mashed and slurped at me, licking my lips and plunging in as our tongues rolled around each other. She wrapped her arms around my waist, kissing me passionately and with many little noises, as she pressed her chitin-armored body against my naked skin.

“Eugene…” she whispered. “It’s really you, isn’t it?”

“It is,” I said.

She engulfed me in more kisses, delirious and moaning loudly. Her mouth was sweet and soft, and her tongue probing yet gentle. She put her hands on my face, making loud noises as she pushed her lips to mine, and licked them sweetly. The Captain enjoyed me for a few minutes, before the Tick-Tick beckoned her off. But as she left, she gave me one final, lingering kiss, and ran a hand over my face.

“Tick-Tick!” The Tick-Tick announced, impatiently.

“Alright, enough, you,” Manta said to the little tyrant. She ran her finger over her lips and smiled. “Citrona, you go get a kiss…”

Citrona bounded up to me, and with no waiting or fuss, she bit at my lip, growling as she aggressively took control of my mouth. Her tongue was long, and lashed into my mouth as it passed by my teeth and scooped out all of my saliva, spitting in her own. It bubbled in my mouth. Citrona’s arms probed my body without restraint, and her strong hands reached down my underwear and seized my manhood firmly, squeezing it as I howled into her mouth.

Citrona started stroking me, in my underwear, as she continued slurping and biting my lips. It was ferocious enough that my whole body started to tremble, and she laughed, resting her forehead on mine, panting her warm breath into my face.

“I want to make you cum…” she whispered. She clenched her teeth. “I’m gonna make you cum, right now…”

“Oh…oh God, Roza…” I lamented hoarsely, shutting my eyes as the Huntress squeezed and tugged my cock. I was going to cum in my underwear.

“Citrona!” Manta commanded. “Enough of that. You’ll spend him.”

Citrona released me with a dissatisfied grunt, but not as dissatisfied as I was. “I’m not finished with you,” she growled, smirking only when she saw that I was whimpering. She gave me a final, tender kiss. “I promise.”

Next, it was Deeta’s turn. She was too short to reach me, so she needed to go and find a square stone to act as a stool. After placing it down and standing on it, she was tall enough to reach my lips. She stared at me nervously, brushing her long coil-hair behind her ears. I readied myself for a gentle, timid peck, her cute sparkling eyes making me want to hug her so badly. But, of course, I couldn’t. She stared at me, her little buck teeth out, just blinking, not unlike a Spiker Spider. I smiled at her, hoping to assuage her nervousness.

“It’s okay, Roza,” I said. “I don’t bite-“

I had, as is my custom, underestimated my HiveMind wife. Deeta was not nervous about me, she was nervous about damaging me. She leapt on me with such force that I swung as I dangled from the chitin pole. She wrapped her arms around my shoulders and her legs around my waist, and with ferocious snarls she attacked my face and neck, biting me with hickeys and licking my mouth, her little tongue overpowering my own with brutal quickness. Deeta was easily the most savage and fierce, dwarfing the quiet strength of Manta or the teasing eagerness of Citrona in raw sexual drive. She ground her hips against me, with such intense force that she started to moan, rubbing her sex against my stomach through her armor, yet still finding enough there to make her thrusts quicken.

“R-R-Roza…” I said, desperate to catch my breath under this assault. In Deeta’s cute nerdy face, I saw flames in her eyes. Her gold freckles blazed like stars.


The megalomaniacal rant caused a stir. “Tick-Tick?” My little Beatrice in the world asked, confused.

“Deeta’s showing her power level again. Go get her off him, gals…” Manta said.

This was easier said than done, as Deeta ground herself against me, and snarled and bared her surprisingly long fangs at the others when they approached. They decided it was best to just let her finish, which she did, in a mixture of absolutely terrifying and absolutely adorable. Her hair tousled, she pushed her perky tit-armor against my face, looked skyward, and let out a scream as she dry-humped herself to orgasm on my abs. She screamed my name into the air as she thrust her hips against me and held them there, letting out a series of loud yelps before she collapsed into a quivering torrent of kisses all over my face.

“Oh thank you thank you thank you thank you…” Deeta whimpered, kissing me. “Oh Eugene, you are tho cute and thweet and loving and perfect and good and thtrong and thubmiththive and fuckable…”

“You had your fun, Deeta, now dismount,” Manta said. “Your sister-selves are waiting.”

Deeta blinked a few times, and realizing that she had become a mindlessly horny fuck-goblin, she brushed her coil-hair behind her ears and smiled timidly with her buck teeth at me.

“I, ah, I gueth that I lotht control there…” she said with a nervous laugh, trembling. “I-I-I hope I didn’t go to f-f-far…”

I interrupted her words by giving her a kiss on the lips, which stunned her, and made her pupils turn into hearts.

“Ooooh!” She cooed. “You jutht are tho thweet! I can’t wait…I’ve got BIG planth for you…”

“I heard,” I said with a laugh. The littlest, fiercest Litheling form of Roza ran away giggling, looking back at me with big, happy eyes.

There were other girls, all of them good kissers, all of them merciless teasers. Many was the girl who, like Citrona, had squeezed and molested my trapped cock, until it was swollen and the agony of no sex nearly made me scream. But I was also tired, and fearful to ask for release, for it might trigger a full reverse gangbang again. As fun as that was, I wasn’t sure I had it in me after my total exhaustion of a few hours earlier.

A large chested girl named Sadie was last. She, alone of the girls, removed her armor, and it was clear why. Of the girls, she was the most prodigious of bosom, of proportion to a Pom Pom (though being of smaller height and figure, her breasts were smaller too). Her breasts were large for her form, and when they flopped out from the confines of her armor, her cloth shirt underneath was deeply stained with tit sweat. My mouth watered at the thought of licking the salty droplets from her moist purple breast skin. Being large breasted she was of immensely good cheer, bouncing up to me and kissing me with little flicks of the tongue and giggles, pushing her breasts against my chest, getting the dampness of her sweat onto my skin.

She rubbed her mammaries against me, and held them in her hands, holding them up and letting me see her cleavage by peeking down her shirt.

“You like my boobs, Eugene?” She asked with a big smile. She jiggled them, and I was hypnotized.

“Unggggh…” I answered, and she laughed triumphantly.

“Who knew Eugenes were so easy to enrapture?” Sabie said with a laugh. The other girls laughed, too, and reached for their armored chests, cupping them. “Would you like to see my breasts, Eugene?”

I nodded, eagerly.

“Hmmm…well, okay,” she lifted her shirt, flashing me with her tits. They were huge and purple, and the way that they flopped out instantly short-circuited my brain. Yes, I had seen Roza’s tits. A lot. Yes, I had seen tits the size of coliseums. Yes, I had rubbed my dick against tits the size of blimps. But every time I saw Roza’s tits, it was a treat, and these were very, very nice tits. Perfect spheres, perfect orbs, they bounced in just the right way and had the prettiest dark purple nipples on them, shaped like little spigots. I moaned a little as I saw them, and so Sabie, excited, pulled off her shirt and tossed it away. It fluttered in the poison wind, and no one gave a damn where it landed. Tits were in front of me, and they took all my focus. She started wiggling her bare bosom in front of me, and I watched the way they swung with pendulous grace.

“Okay…I’m going to let you kiss them,” she announced.

“Hey!” Citrona said. “This was about kisses on his lips, not him kissing boobs! I want my boobs kissed!”

“He clearly wants to kiss my boobs-“ Sabie said.

“Who cares what a Eugene wants? He gets what he gets!” Citrona said.

“YEAH!” Deeta shouted, obviously feeling very strongly that my consent was not required. Yet still she looked at me with love, and blew me a kiss as she flittered her eyelashes at me.

“Sabie’s boobs are your boobs, remember?” Manta said, folding her arms.

“Well then I want to feel it, too,” Citrona said. She held up one of her tubes on her head. “We should network.”

“Network? B-but that ith a potential violation of our thelf-divithion, a thing only to be entered into in an hour of utmotht need…” Deeta started.

“Okay!” Sabie said, holding up one of her tubes to Citrona’s. “Let’s all connect.”

The two hair tubes, which seemed inert enough at first, suddenly lashed together when they drew close to each other. There was a kind of electric pulse which flashed between them, a shock of lightning. The two girls seized up as if electrocuted, but then settled into a mutual gigglefit.

“Thabie, Thitrona!” Deeta said, alarmed.

“We are one, again,” the two girls said in unison. “Join us, sister-selves. Revel in this paltry simulacrum of our true consciousness, a glimpse at the mystery of our four dimensional immortal self. And let us get our tits licked.”

The girls all started linking their tubes together, and the effect was the same: their eyes widened, there were flashes of light, and their bodies seized up before they settling into giggling.

“Hee hee…Eugene…” They all said at once, in the same playful, teasing tone, after all the titters had subsided. Sabie rubbed her boobs together. “Let’s have you kiss us…”

Sabie approached me. The vast network of tubes seemed to stretch and move, letting her advance while the others remained watching with big grins. Sabie advanced, stepping on Deeta’s stool, and sandwiched my face between her perfect purple breasts.

It was heaven, and I licked eagerly at her sweaty mammaries, rapturously running my tongue along the soft spongy flesh and pressing my lips in to feel her softness against my face. Greedily I rubbed my cheeks between her boobs, and put my mouth to her nipples, suckling.

Sabie tilted back her head and gasped, while the other girls all did the same. They came forward, reaching out with their hands to lay them on me, and rub me down. There were so many hands, all Roza’s, and all grasping at me and feeling me, groping my body and pinching it, while I was powerless to touch them. I was so entranced I could barely even speak, beyond a moan, as Sadie’s wonderful tits filled my mouth. I was at their mercy.

Chitin armor began to thud as it fell to the ground. Some of the girls began to finger themselves, and I felt Sabie tremble as they did. She could feel them as they worked their bodies, all the girls could, just as they could feel my lips on Sabie’s breasts. They collapsed into a group slither like cobras, moaning and undulating on the floor, while Sabie wrapped her tits around my face. Her soft breasts enticed me, and I rubbed my face against them and smeared my lips against them, enjoying the taste and the effect it had on her (her meaning Roza.)

I could hear the moans of the girls, all in unison, and hear Sabie herself moan with the others. I closed my eyes and kissed and licked Sabie’s nipples, rewarded by a chorus of moans. I could make out Deeta’s lisping cries, and Manta’s hoarse ones, and Citrona’s flirty giggles. I could pleasure them all at once with a single kiss, and even hear the Tick-Ticks giggling with enjoyment, and the Dethekas rumble in their armor. I was kissing Sadie’s breasts, but the whole HiveMind of Roza was enjoying it. In the distance, the moving mountain let out a bellow, and a rumble shook the earth.

But it was the Lithelings who worked and swirled themselves to climax. Their cries grew louder, and Sabie’s tits slid up and down against my face. She mashed her tit against my mouth, forcing her nipple between my lips, which I licked and kissed.

“S-Swirl…” the whole Litheswarm moaned in unison. “Swirl!”

I took their meaning, and swirled my tongue on Sabie’s erect nipple, rewarded by its tastiness as I flicked it. I heard their chorus of groans grow louder, and louder. Sabie’s purple chest grew redder. I could feel her heart beating rapidly as it shook her chest, and hear her voice rise in a great cry with the others. Playing a hunch, I started to lightly nibble Sabie’s nipple.

I got the response I wanted, as the girls all screamed. “Oh Eugene….EUGEEEEENE!”

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a flier hurtle to the ground. The mountain convulsed. All around me I heard the screams of the Lithelings as their orgasmic cries pierced the heavens. Sabie closed her tits around me and pressed in against me, trapping me in her soft bosom flesh. As the communal orgasm ended, and the air became pregnant with the smell of recently sexed Roza, all the girls panted and laughed, rubbing against each other. Their hair-tubes disconnected, and they all were individuals again. I guessed the forced detachment was some design trait that Roza installed to prevent her forms from simply going HiveMind all the time. Why she wanted to disconnect herself, I couldn’t say, but I gathered that the Lithelings simulacrum of individuality was part of the reason that I was here.

“Well, that was quite…enjoyable…” one of the girls said, resting her hand on her bosom

“Maybe we should kiss him some more,” Citrona said. “Tease him…”

“The hour grows late. The Naruti will invade the surface soon. We need to take him to the Priestesses…” Manta said.

“Tick-Tick!” Tick-Tick said, pointing at me, and at my crotch. Her command was obvious.

“…really?” Manta asked. She looked over at me, and at my swollen cock, which strained behind the tattered piece of stained fabric that was my only clothing. She licked her lips. “I mean, maybe we should…”

“B-but what about keeping him safe?” Sabie asked. “We can’t let him get hurt…”

The other girls all murmured in assent. The Dethekas slid forward and rumbled, and the girls looked skyward for a moment, at the Star Whale that was out of sight, but there above.

Manta nodded. “In that case, I suppose we should give him a reward for being such an attentive Eugene…”

“No, it’s okay,” I said. While I was incredibly horny, I was still feeling the effect of the Tick-Tick reverse gangbang. “I could use a break from sex…”

“A break? Don’t be thilly,” Deeta said, and with instant speed she mounted her stepstool. She grabbed and affixed the gag to my mouth again, making sure to tie it very tight, and to gleam at me with her buck teeth. She tapped a finger on the tip of my nose. “You just relackth, empty that pretty Eugene head of yourth, and give uth all your thperm.”

Tick-Tick pointed at Deeta, Citrona, Manta, and Sabie, and then pointed at the ground in front of me “Tick-Tick,” she said.

The four girls came forward, as Tick-Tick beckoned the other girls in around them. Soon the whole war party was gathered around my almost entirely naked body. Deeta reached out and rubbed her soft hand on my stomach and chest, bringing it up to my cheek, and I trembled at her touch, in anticipation of what was to come.

“So what do we do?” Citrona asked, rubbing my crotch through my pants. My cock was still tired from the marathon session of the morning, but even this rubbing was enough to make me groan and grow rock hard.

“Let’s give him a blowjob!” Sabie announced, bouncing up and down and jiggling her big boobs. I found my head rising and falling as she jiggled, remembering the wonderful taste of those big purple tits. “See? He’s nodding!” She said excitedly, misinterpreting my head bobs. Okay, kind of misinterpreting…

Immediately, Citrona drew her knife, and with a downward cut my last article of clothing fell away to the ground, and my cock sprung out into the open cyanide-air. The girls all gasped at it, then with big smiles leaned in, and began to speak to it as if it were a distinct entity.

“Oh, it’th tho cute!”

“Boy, you are a big one!”

“Hee hee, it’s twitching!”

“That meanth his ballth are turning blue. We need to empty them, or they’ll fall off!” Deeta exclaimed, her big eyes wider than usual.

“Tick-Tick!” Tick-Tick announced, putting her hands to her mouth.

“Mmm, mmmph…” I tried to correct.

“Oh no!” Sabie exclaimed, rubbing my balls with her hands. She leaned in and started kissing them, putting her full lips to their surface and giving the most tender – and paradoxically, blue ball causing – kisses. “We can’t let them get hurt!”

“Then we won’t,” Manta said, she leaned forward, brining her lips near my cock and breathing warmth onto it, making it twitch. “Deeta, hold back my hair-tubes…”

The nerd-form held back the captains hair as Manta reached her calloused yet delicate hands around my member. After giving my cock a reverent, hungry look, she shut her eyes and planted a kiss right on the tip of my penis. Her lips pressed in against it my cockhead, making a smacking sound, and as she did so she slowly opened her eyes, staring up at me with those perfect swirls of amber and black. I gasped, and my heart stopped beating for a moment of shock, before thundering with arousal and ecstasy.

“mmmph…mmph-a” I whimpered, attempting to say her name.

“He just called you Rotha! Keep going!” Deeta said with excitement, and with a sudden force she pushed on Manta’s skull, forcing her forward.

“Hey, I said just hold my hai-Oomph!” Manta yelled, her eyes bulging as Deeta’s hand palmed her skull and thrust her face into my pelvis.

Manta’s lips slid over my cock, forced by the surprisingly strong and committed Deeta. The sensation was amazing, and I gasped. The nerdy Litheling’s big eyes blinked up at me, as I saw a perverse smirk darken on her face. She pulled back on Manta’s hair and pushed forward, as the Captain squealed and sputtered, and it became clear that Deeta was drinking in the pained looks of rapturous joy on my face.

“That’th it…going to fuck-you-good…” she growled, as Manta’s eyes watered while she gagged on my swollen dick. Yet Manta’s eyes were also rolled back in her head, and she seemed to be in some kind of trance. She throated me with eager moans, while Deeta seemed to be descending into a fit of dominant madness, her teeth clenched as she worked me. The other girls watched with eager joy as my cock slid into and out of their captain’s mouth. Or rather, as she took to sucking me. Manta growled as she grew frenzied by the taste of me, taking the initiative from Deeta, who was racing to keep up with the horny Litheling’s headbobs.

Manta’s thick lips slid up and down on my dick, and she stared up at me and blinked, drinking in my ecstasy with the same hungry glare of Deeta, and Citrona, and all the other girls. They were all being Roza, even if they didn’t know it. Manta’s tongue licked me, swirled around my shaft and head, smacked me around inside her mouth, slathered over me as if my cock were her lover’s tongue.

“Mmmm…” she said, giving my cock a deep, passionate kiss. The pleasure was beyond what I could bear. I was not going to last very long. The captain worked me over, swallowing my shaft and head and taking them into her throat, while Deeta would occasionally push her in deeper to make her gag, always watching my face with her eager grin. The other girls were all watching with wide eyes, drinking in my face and making little comments.

“He seems to really enjoy that, Captain.”

“Look at how his eyes are crossing!”

“Tee hee! Eugene’s are just so, so silly…”

“Cute though.”

“Yes. But silly.”

The commentary, coupled with Manta’s eager mouth and Deeta’s forceful hand, brought me to the edge. The girls, watching my face, seemed able to tell.

“His eyes are rolling into his skull…”

“I think he’s getting close!”

“Damn right. You empty that sack, slave boy. Give all your seed to us.”

“Hee hee. Yeah, you aren’t allowed to keep it.”

“Give it to us.”

“Cum, NOW!”

I cried out at this last command, and my whole body quaked. My shaft and head, so attentively slathered with warmth and wetness in Manta’s tight mouth and throat, brought me to a full and deep orgasm. I shuddered, let out a loud cry, and to applause and laughter I ejaculated.

Spurt after spurt left my tired balls, as my vision went white and my body went numb. For a moment, I saw Rozella staring at me with a proud smile, as I realized I was on the edge of some transcendent loss of consciousness. The pleasure was so overwhelming, and Manta’s tongue eagerly slathered over my base, as Deeta pushed her so deep on my cock that she gagged mucus all over me as I came.

Manta’s cheeks puffed out as my balls emptied into her mouth, as my cock exploded with cum. Her eyes widened and bulged as I filled her with my goo, as I shot endlessly and cried into my gag. Deeta leapt up to my face, crying out in ecstasy as she watched my orgasm, teasing and taunting me with giddy laughter as I came, kissing me on my cheek with alternating affection and savagery.

Manta continued cooing, her eyes rolled back in her head, as her closed lips curled upward into a smile, my cock still in her mouth. Slowly, the captain withdrew her lips from the base of my cock. She blinked her eyes at me rapidly, as Deeta grabbed my face by the cheeks and forced me to look downward.

“Watch,” she growled.

Manta hesitated, then gulped, and her cheeks were no longer puffy. Opening her mouth, she showed me her dark black tongue, totally empty of any sperm. She giggled, and put a hand to her brow.

“Wow…” she said. “Oh…oh my! Eugene is the most tasty thing I’ve ever had!” She let out a coo of gratitude, and kissed my balls, staring up at me with slutty affection. “Thank you, Snookums…”

“Okay, I want some!” Citrona said.

“There’s some still on her cheek!” Sadie cried. “Below her lip!”

“Get it!” Cried a third girl.

What followed was all the girls diving on their captain, licking at her face, in what accidentally became one of the hottest things I had ever seen. Several girls slathered their tongues all over their captain’s face in a frenzied bid to taste my sperm, licking indiscriminately and moaning as they slathered their tongues over each other for bits of my spunk. All except for Deeta, who grasped my still-twitching cock in her hand, and with a mischievous grin, extended her pink tongue and began to lick at the tip.

“Mmmm, tathty…” she said, as I groaned into my gag. Her tongue was so gentle it tickled my post orgasm head, and I laughed a little, as it became clear that Deeta wanted to do more cock tasting.

“Alright, enough!” Manta said, rising after giving a lick to Citrona’s tongue which seemed unnecessary. She looked over at Deeta as she was starting to swallow my penis. “Deeta, I think maybe we should move on.”

“Let’th fathe it; we are going to need to thet up camp here tonight,” Deeta said, squeezing my cock until a bit of precum appeared, which she slurped up. “Tho, I thay we thould all get a turn with him; fair ith fair, after all.”

“But he’s empty..” Manta said, looking at me with concern as my eyes crossed under Deeta’s fantastic abuse of my groin. “We don’t want to damage him…”

“Oh, well maybe you are right…” Deeta said.

But salvation came, and I whimpered as I realized I wasn’t going to be allowed to rest. More of the blood fruit was brought by the Tick-Ticks, who seemed to keep a supply of these things out of sight around a sand dune or something. They gave the fruit and explained it to the Lithelings, who instantly developed a plan for it. It was fed to me by Citrona, who put the fruit in her mouth, chewed it, and then pulled down my gag and forced the juice into my mouth, mingled with her wonderful spit and her tongue. I swallowed the tarte coppery fluid, and the moment my cock hardened, it was greedily pounced upon by the waiting Deeta.

Deeta’s blowjob was ferocious, and merciless, with the earnestness only an awkward pervy nerdgirl could deliver as she gagged herself on my cock, yet kept going, a look of defiant ownership on her face that alternated between adorably cute and terrifyingly yandere. The pleasure fulminated, and released, and I came into the sweet, soft mouth of the cute little nerd, Deeta. And as I pulsed in her mouth, she stared up at me with such pure adoration, as Citrona pushed her tongue between my lips and kissed me with a fresh load of fruit juice, hardening and invigorating me even before I finished cumming.

Marta grabbed Deeta by her hair, pulled her up, and pushed her tongue in between the girl’s lips. They moaned as they kissed, but it became clear what Marta’s true objective was. She pulled out all the semen in Deeta’s mouth, let it linger on her tongue, and swallowed it.

“That’s for pushing in on my head, little one…” the captain growled, though she took a bit of sperm from her lip and put it on Deeta’s tongue. The nerdgirl licked and slurped my sperm off her captain’s finger, greedily moaning.

“Eugene…” Deeta whispered at me. “Oooh, I thwear…one day I’m going to be thwollen with your babieth…”

Each girl in term had their chance to suck me off, each time Citrona spit the fruit juice into my mouth, giggling as she had my tongue all to herself. She would kiss me as the others blew me, until it was her turn. Manta took the fruit and forced it in my mouth, kissing me so tenderly and with such love that my heart melted, even as Citrona gave me the most vulgar blowjob I had ever received from a non Suk-Suk.

Citrona slurped and sucked me, hands free, taking me down her throat like a pro. The girls were learning from each other, and accessing the vast knowledge of Roza on all the things that drove me crazy. Citrona put her all into it, and I nutted so fast into her mouth that I couldn’t even think straight. After this intense orgasm, I simply collapsed, exhausted, and dangled form the pole.

“Aww, he’s all tuckered out,” Citrona said, running her finger over her chin to get some of my spilled seed. She licked it off with a smile.

“Yes. No more blood from that stone, at least not for a few minutes. Everybody ‘s gotten some,” Manta said. There was a distant rumble, and she looked nervous. “It’s starting. We’re going to have to make camp here tonight, girls.”

“Tick-Tick,” Tick-Tick said, shooing them with her hand.

“No!” Manta exclaimed forcefully. “We are not leaving him. If he stays here tonight, we stay here tonight. Understand?”

The Tick-Tick folded her arms, and finally, nodded. “Tick.”

The Lithelings all prepared their camp, leaving me hanging from my spit, a sex slave who had been emptied. The Dethekas stood guard around me, however, mute guards which were watching the area for any potential threat. The Tick-Ticks did the same, fanning out in a circle around the arch as a sentinel force. I groaned, accepting my likely night of hanging from a spit as a spent trophy, and I fell into a dreamless sleep.

I woke to the sound of a distant rumble, and saw a lightshow on the horizon, in the sky and on the earth. The sky was darker now, and I heard shrieks and cries, heard explosions and even the reports of what sounded like gunfire. There was a battle going on several miles away. The Lithelings were all watching it.

“Naruti are stupid. They try to attack the Scoop every night,” Citrona said, shaking her head.

Deeta shrugged. “What elthe can they do?” She asked.

“Choose another target. The Scoop is a maze of fortifications. They couldn’t take it with ten times our number.”

“The Great Mouth compels them,” Manta said. “And she judges the Scoop the easiest access to the surface.”

“Easy? Why it’s…”

“It’s either face the Scoop, or face the Burrowers,” Manta said with a shudder. “The Naruti fear the Burrowers.”

Citrona said nothing, but stared out at the flashing lights grimly. “I fear the Burrowerth,” Deeta said in a quiet voice, perhaps answering for them all.

I was about to ask what the Burrowers were, when my stomach rumbled. Immediately, the heads of the Dethekas all perked up, and they exchanged glances. The Lithelings heard it, too.

“Eugene’s tummy is rumbling? What do we-“

The Dethekas growled, stepping forward. It was clear they were taking charge of this. Suddenly, there was a buzz of activity. Spiker Spiders appeared, about ten of them, then a group of Worker Ant forms appeared and the air rumbled with the sound of the Star Whale, I realized that some heavy forces were responding to my grumbling tummy. The Worker Ant forms dragged in a large sac next to the arch, and as it began to inflate and rise, I realized that a makeshift structure was being assembled.

The flesh structure evolved rapidly, growing and puffing outward as the Ant-forms ferried supplies to and from it, and an immense bone cage rose around the pulsating, thick thing of pink. The great bone and meat structure rose into the heavens. The ground shook as three great Nightmare forms loomed overhead on their long legs, staring down with their bared fang grins at all of us. I remembered these from when Titan had been taken, what felt like eons ago.

Deeta looked about, wide-eyed. “What ith going on?”

“The Us-Mother is building a fortification for the Eugene,” Manta explained. “To prevent him from being stolen by the Naruti tonight.”

“Naruti could be here,” Citrona said, looking nervously over her shoulder. “I hate Naruti…”

“GRRRRR…” I heard one of the Dethekas growl, seemingly in agreement.

As the structure finished, the Dethekas circled me. I was cut down from the spit by a lobster claw, falling to the earth and onto unsteady, shaking legs. My draining had left me weakened, but from my hulking wardens, there was no pity. I was spurned onward toward the pulsing flesh structure.

“Good night Eugene!” Citrona called out as I staggered past.

“Have a good night’th thleep!” Deeta yelled.

“Remember to be gentle with those big girls!” Sabie called out, as all the girls laughed.

I was marched naked into the pulsating structure, the Tick-Tick perched on my shoulder like a parrot. The whole room was lightless, and I was thrown upon the spongy floor. I landed with a groan, yet was happy to find the softness of the fleshy structure, like a mattress. The Tick-Tick departed into the dark. In the unlighted expanse I heard Dethekas growl behind me as the sphincter-door slammed closed. There was a hiss, and a few minutes later I breathed real air. I held my chest, savoring the clean oxygen and the freeing sensation of it. I heard the growling of the Dethekas as they slithered in the dark, and heard the loud sounds of their chitinous armor falling away to the ground. A figure slithered closer to me, until I could feel her warmth. I trembled at the ominous slithering, preparing to feel the hard, cold chitin against my skin.

“Pom Pom!” I heard a cheery, familiar voice announce, and I hugged at the darkness, finding the big, soft form of my caterpillar breast feeder, who pushed my face between her massive tits. And oh my God, there was no comparison. I groaned, having missed my meal tickets in this foreign land, and the four Pom Poms surrounded me, and I was engulfed in their soft pillowy flesh, their gentle titters and reassurances. I was home.

The Pom Poms seemed perfectly able to see in the dark, and I was grasped up like a babe, and placed against the faint outline of a blue breast.

“Oh…” I moaned, delirious. “Oh, Pom Pom, I missed you so…”

She put a big, soft finger to my lips, closing them. “Pom Pom,” she whispered. She withdrew her finger, and I felt the warmth of her breast near my mouth, could taste her milk in the air.

“Pom Pom,” she commanded.

The nipple pressed against my lips, and a bit of warm cream made its way inside. I groaned as the most perfect tasting dairy in the universe touched my taste buds, and greedily I began to mash my mouth against her nipples, swallowing with a loud slurp. The heavenly drink coursed down my throat and into my stomach, warm as a spice wine and twenty times more soothing.

“Hee hee, Pom Pom!” My breast feeder announced, as they other giggled and announced the same. As I endlessly gulped at her milk, she stroked my hair and ran one of her gentle hands over my forehead. I let out a contented sigh. I remembered this place, and I was happy here. She lay down upon the pulsating flesh floor, and her sister forms prepared for more mischief. Giggling plump girls snuggled in alongside me, taking turns stroking my penis with their hands and wrapping my pelvis in their cleavage. It was all I could do not to just erupt all over them, but having cum as least 60 times in the last few hours, I had gained a considerable measure of staying power, even with the rejuvenating power of Pom Pom milk.

Pom Poms are gentle, but not timid. As the playing continued and the breastmilk reinvigorated my libido (as it always does), the breast feeding gave way to smothering with boobs, as Pom Pom piled on top of me and wriggled her pussy over my throbbing cock. The others cleared aside, as the feeding Pom Pom claimed what was hers. Pom Pom lay down flat on me, pinning me beneath her soft weight, and I felt snug and cuddled as her soft caterpillar half wriggled and rubbed against my throbbing hard manhood.

“Mmmmmm…Pom Pom…” Pom Pom said with a coo, as the opening of her slit rubbed against my swollen glans. I groaned into her chest, as her tits wrapped around my face and blanketed me in the warm softness of her wonderful boobs. She pressed me in between the thick lips of her womanhood, and my head came in contact with the warm, wet, tight hole within. Pom Pom gasped, as did I, as the pleasure of my Penis sliding deeper into her womanhood sent intense sensation into both of us.

Pom Pom took a moment to savor the sensation of her womanhood as it quivered and pulsed on my cock, and then her whole caterpillar body began to slowly wriggle, sliding my penis around as her tight hole squeezed and squeezed and squeezed on me, making a little slurping sound. The rubbing and squeezing soon did its job, making me so hard that I ached. Pom Pom’s pleasure was obvious, as she let out little squeals, her tits bouncing and jiggling against my face.

She stretched out my arms, and wrapped her fingers in mine, holding my hands as she wriggled and rubbed against me, growing more and more excited and more and more intense.

“Pom…Pom…Pom!” She called out, and her hands squeezed mine tighter. Her pussy clamped on my shaft, and I shuddered as Pom Pom fluids drenched my groin. She began to get quite raucous, and my big girl became so focused on the pleasure my cock gave her that she was working out all the immense energy it gave her into my captive for. The world became a fleshquake of soft pillowy Pom Pom, my face smacked by boobs and assaulted by nipples, to the point where I took a boob slap to the chin and saw stars. Her hands squeezed my own tighter and tighter, until I could feel the pressure and intensity, and with a final grinding of her hips, she thrust, plunging me in deep to her, pressing me against her cervix, where her walls gushed and squeezed in one intense moment.

“POM POMMMMM!” She screamed, as her vaginal spasmed and rapidly squeezed and released my cock. The strength of her orgasm was so immense that it would have instantly pulled one out of me, but as it happened I was very close, so my whole body trembled as my cock erupted into her pulsating vagina. The waves of pleasure overwhelmed us both, and we screamed into the air, in a moment of such intense pleasure that nothing else mattered. It was just me, and Roza, and all the other Pom Poms quivered and fanned themselves, so strong was the orgasm that their sister form had wrung out for herself from my manhood.

Spent, Pom Pom dutifully nuzzled against me, and delirious with pleasure I frantically kissed her face, thanking her over and over again. “Pom Pom!” She announced, giggling in between the smacking of my lips against her soft, slightly chubby skin. Oh, she was so, so soft and cuddly!

I wrapped my arms around her and squeezed, and she rewarded me with another Pom Pom, and then by wrapping her arms around me, and squeezing. I felt like a treasured teddy bear in a girl’s arms, and the way she kissed and hugged me was so full of affection that my heart melted. Our lips met, and parted, and our tongues slathered all over each other’s, although hers was so large that it filled my whole mouth easily, lapping up my spit and giving me her own.

Pom Pom slid off me, giving me a kiss with her big, full lips, as the second Pom Pom lay down on top of me, and took over where the first left off. The second Pom Pom wanted kisses, and so she took me in her arms and in that Pom Pom way of doing things, she put my lips precisely where she wanted to be worshipped, where it would make a big cuddly cater pillar girl feel especially good. My lips and tongue traced over every exquisite inch of my soft and snuggly girl’s body, as she giggled and encouraged me by announcing her name at me happily.

When she could bear no more of it, she finally pinned me just as her sister form did, but she was a much more hungry caterpillar, and her slams down on my cock rose up higher and slammed down harder. I was more tired, and as a rule when I was more tired Roza became more fierce and merciless, so even the placid, gentle Pom Pom became a gleeful sadist of pleasure. She stared down at me with the same soft, gentle eyes gleaming in the dark as she fucked me so hard the fleshy ground beneath me began to bruise, and my body buffeted back and forth as if in choppy waters.
She came, and the force and power of it drenched me in Pom Pom girl-juice. And when she slammed up and down on me again and brought herself to another orgasm, I came with her, by now my muscles so sore I could only moan and wail hoarsely. I was so weak, even for all the fruits and Pom Pom milks, but Roza was insatiable.
The other two Pom Poms were even more insistent, but they decided to share my cock for blowjobs, I guess in what they imagined to be an act of mercy. But the exquisite agony of having two Pom Poms pass my cock back and forth between them nearly made me faint. My cock was in one mouth, and then the other, sucked here and then sucked there, slathered with kisses and feeling the hot breath of two Pom Poms on my manhood. The other two Pom Poms, pleased by my service and eager to show me affection, took turns licking my mouth, giggling as their tongues slathered over each other and my own.

When I came for the final time, it was with both Pom Poms sliding their flat tongues up and down opposite sides of my shaft and head, and with both girls near my mouth licking and kissing me. I erupted, and the cum was lapped up by both girls as their tongues fought for each surprisingly prodigious amount of spurt that I gave them.

I sighed contentedly, nuzzling amidst my four big girls and my Tick-Tick, who hugged my cock. We drifted into sleep together there, and in my dreams Rozella held me and shushed me, kissing me on my brow. I slept until I was jarred awake in the darkness by a sudden noise.

“What is that?” I cried. I started up, but Pom Pom grasped me, and with the gentle force of a cuddly dominatrix, she pulled me down onto the flesh floor, and wrapped a heavy arm over me, pinning me in cuddle.

Three of the Pom Poms had gotten up to put on their armor, all save one which nestled me against her tit.

“What’s going on?” I asked. “Why are they-“

I was interrupted by a breast being pushed into my lips. “Pom Pom,” Pom Pom said in a soothing, yet authoritative tone. Clearly, Pom Pom thought that I needed more rest and sustenance. After considering the high number of times that I had been raped on the surface of Sporn, I concluded that she was not wrong. More warm milk flooded into my mouth and into my rumbling stomach, and I moaned as I sampled Pom Pom’s life-giving drink, so tasty and pure. The best drink there was.

As the sphincter opened and flooded the hatchery with the dim evening light of the hellscape, I looked out at the two posts of the spit and the chitin leg between them. I frowned. There was a figure sitting atop the chitin leg, sitting and kicking his legs. It was the old man again, puffing his pipe, staring at me though we were some distance away.

“S P O R N,” He announced in his echoing voice, before he vanished.

With a sigh, I just said to hell with it, and shut my eyes and settled in to a nice good feeding sleep, still letting the milk fill my stomach as Pom Pom rocked me back into a gentle nap.

Sporn was an crazy place, but I’d unpack its mysteries later.

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    • That was never agreed to. She was going to stop eating *every* civilization. She’s only going to eat the wicked ones. Plus the conquest of Sporn predates her meeting Eugene.


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