Day of the Grape, Part 1 (Femdom, Apophis)

I turned up my headphones as I heard the hyena-like laugh of one of my sister’s idiot friends. I groaned, yawned, and snorted all at once, making a sound which neatly summed up my existence. My sister Cleopatra was having a party to mark the end of mid terms, and I was in my room,Continue reading “Day of the Grape, Part 1 (Femdom, Apophis)”

My Neighbor Antiope, Part 5 (Amazon, Femdom, Male Spanking, Exhibition)

A group of four piggie orc girls, dressed in rugby pads, entered. All of them were muddy and sweaty, and wearing nothing but their gear in various states of unfastening. “Heyo boy!” The first piggie girl announced with an enthusiastic oink. “Awww, de Amazon iz juss showin’ off,” the second girl said, disappointed. A thirdContinue reading “My Neighbor Antiope, Part 5 (Amazon, Femdom, Male Spanking, Exhibition)”

My Neighbor Antiope, Part 4 (Femdom, Amazon, Cunnilingus)

Antiope’s quivering womanhood dipped down, kissing my lips, and leaving her wonderful, wonderful taste on them. I licked her stain off my lips greedily, swallowing her juices down my throat, feeling the amazing tingle of Amazon sex spunk. I reached up with my tongue, my cock rock-hard, and touched her hole. Brita laughed loudly. ByContinue reading “My Neighbor Antiope, Part 4 (Femdom, Amazon, Cunnilingus)”

My Neighbor Antiope, Part 3 (Amazon, Femdom, Musclegirl, Exhibition)

Antiope lowered herself down onto my shaft, and I gasped as my hard manhood slid inside her tight feminine walls. Her emerald eyes widened at me and she bit her lip as she lowered herself down. Her whole large body shuddered, shaking the entire earth (or at least, that is how it felt). The factContinue reading “My Neighbor Antiope, Part 3 (Amazon, Femdom, Musclegirl, Exhibition)”

My Neighbor Antiope, Part 2 (Amazon, Femdom)

I entered my room and put the comically thin chain in place to latch it shut. I exhaled with relief that I escaped a hallway pelvis breaking, but I was aware that I was erect, and a bit disappointed. I looked about my room, at my little, messy domicile. A bed, a chiffarobe, and aContinue reading “My Neighbor Antiope, Part 2 (Amazon, Femdom)”

My Neighbor Antiope, Part 1 (Amazon, Musclegirl, Femdom)

Furtively, I darted with my towel and soaps back from the communal washroom, pausing to catch my breath to the sounds of men getting raped. My dorm room door was only ten feet away, but this had to be quick. I readied my key. I had been back in the Dorms for a week. TheContinue reading “My Neighbor Antiope, Part 1 (Amazon, Musclegirl, Femdom)”

Elm Street Books (Commission, Femdom, Nightmare Uma)

A Commission for CEOofWholesomeCows Elm Street Books had a Night Mare in it. Despite the obvious deliciousness of having a Night Mare on Elm Street, and of it fitting with the gothic theme of the bookstore, I understood that Cassandra would have been hired purely for the alacrity at which she undertook managing boolks, andContinue reading “Elm Street Books (Commission, Femdom, Nightmare Uma)”

The Shivering Eggs of Kadath Station – Final (Night Gaunt)

An account, walled in the stone. Brother Xolochos, Servant to Sister Zsethra, Epoch 40,237|\456|\6|\10 My children found the landing site, the last remnants of the Horror which I had suffered. At their insistence I have gone there, and showed them the metal halls to which they owe their genesis. We landed here, by my reckoning,Continue reading “The Shivering Eggs of Kadath Station – Final (Night Gaunt)”

The Shivering Eggs of Kadath Station – Entry 9 (Femdom, Night Gaunt)

TRANSLATION CONTINUES She was giggling now, and she drew in close to me, savoring me and savoring my captivity. Her tongue emerged, split into three, and…she began to lick and kiss my neck. I could feel her teeth gently nibble against my pink flesh, and her arms tightened around me. My penis, hardened from theContinue reading “The Shivering Eggs of Kadath Station – Entry 9 (Femdom, Night Gaunt)”

The Shivering Eggs of Kadath Station – Entry 8 (Femdom, Night Gaunt)

The following is a translation of stone tablets found in the archaeological dig. It was recovered from images provided by Doctor Rotin in his early reports. The Record of Scribe Javan, 34th day of Tali, 63rd Year of Sedjuk Toka I have had another dream, and I fear it to be my last. I feelContinue reading “The Shivering Eggs of Kadath Station – Entry 8 (Femdom, Night Gaunt)”