Pomp and Perspicacity – FINAL (femdom, Anubis, actual lewds this time)

John rubbed his legs as the carriage made its way up the long thoroughfare. The carriage tottered towards the stately main house of DeBoerg Manor. He swallowed. The events of the last several months felt like they were a dream, almost as if they hadn’t happened at all. In some ways, he barely could evenContinue reading “Pomp and Perspicacity – FINAL (femdom, Anubis, actual lewds this time)”

Pomp & Perspicacity, Chapter 9 – Femdom, Anubis

The path stretched out before them, lit by the brilliant light of Archousa, and Lady Desiree Rushworth mapped out the descent, taking care to guide her mare down the path. Her daughter Maria was riding at her side, her trident in hand. Behind her were five hundred cavalry, and behind them, twenty thousand redcoats wereContinue reading “Pomp & Perspicacity, Chapter 9 – Femdom, Anubis”

Pomp and Perspicacity, Chapter 8 – Anubis Femdom

The Blart Guard landed with a cacophony that shook the ground, kicking up a great dust cloud that obscured everything and made John cough violently. One of the warriors landed upon a defender, one of the townsfolk conscripts, clefting the footman neatly in two. The invader then lifted his blade and swung it in aContinue reading “Pomp and Perspicacity, Chapter 8 – Anubis Femdom”

Pomp and Perspicacity, Chapter 7 – Anubis, Femdom, Darkest Dungeon

“My Lady?” Nicolette called out, scrambling through the house. She entered Fanny’s room, still in her nightdress. “Fanny? What’s happened?!” Fanny couldn’t stop whining, couldn’t stop awooing. It was embarrassing, and humiliating, but it was also inevitable, the very language of her frightened soul. She held John’s letter in trembling paws, her ears flat asContinue reading “Pomp and Perspicacity, Chapter 7 – Anubis, Femdom, Darkest Dungeon”

Pomp and Perspicacity, Chapter 6 – Anubis, Femdom, Darkest Dungeon

Uncle Anacletus was fearless to the point of recklessness in most matters, but not when it came to matters with his brother. He was terrified of his brother cutting off his funds and support, for although Anacletus was quite wealthy in his own right, much of it was ancient gold pieces which needed to beContinue reading “Pomp and Perspicacity, Chapter 6 – Anubis, Femdom, Darkest Dungeon”

Pomp and Perspicacity, Chapter 5 – (Anubis, Femdom)

John sat at the small table, scribbling away names on his ledger grimly. It was quiet for now, at least, and there were no sudden flashes where everyone around him was a tentacle nightmare. He was taking down facts of all the new arrivals, recording their profession and gear. The Darkest estate was a subterraneanContinue reading “Pomp and Perspicacity, Chapter 5 – (Anubis, Femdom)”

Pomp and Perspicacity, Chapter 4

Fanny finished up her planning for the party. The date was set, the plans in place. Even the napkins, hateful bastards that they were, had cooperated, and she had chosen her colors and design for every detail. She had hoped this would soothe her worries, but everything being done only served to drive her mindContinue reading “Pomp and Perspicacity, Chapter 4”

Pomp and Perspicacity Chapter 3

Fanny arrived back at her mansion in the early hours of the morning. Rosella Manor, known sometimes as DeBoerg Manor, was massive: it had over 300 rooms on 15,000 acres of land. The ancestral home of the DeBoergs, Fanny had moved here when she was manacled to her now-deceased husband. With two other estates inContinue reading “Pomp and Perspicacity Chapter 3”

Pomp and Perspicacity Chapter 2.5 – Lady DeBoerg’s Wild Ride (Anubis, Solo, Short)

Lady DeBoerg climbed into her carriage. Her heart raced in her chest, and she felt at her cheeks, at the smile which was so wide (and so uncommon) that it hurt her face. “Oh…oh, it’s so good! Splendid work, Fanny! Splendid!” She said, giving herself a rare congratulatory comment. The young artist, John, had beenContinue reading “Pomp and Perspicacity Chapter 2.5 – Lady DeBoerg’s Wild Ride (Anubis, Solo, Short)”

Pomp and Perspicacity – Chapter 2 (Anubis, Femdom)

Lord and Lady Rushworth returned the day before Alessa’s Coming Out party. The carriage tottered up the lane to where the four heirs of Rushworth stood, with John a little bit behind the siblings. It was hot beneath the sun, and both Albert and Patrick, having been on a nightly jaunt, sweat beneath it withContinue reading “Pomp and Perspicacity – Chapter 2 (Anubis, Femdom)”