Morning Milking (Holstaur, Handjob, Latex, Femdom, short)

My dreams of carnal, Holstaur-led sex were interrupted by the clank of a metal bucket on the floor. The fantastic imagery of my dream was replaced with the no-less dreamy vision of Miss Petal, my wife and Mistress, dressed like a milk maid. She was in a long, modest frock, with a blue bonnet thatContinue reading “Morning Milking (Holstaur, Handjob, Latex, Femdom, short)”

The Road to Re-Cow-Very (Femdom, Cuddle, Holstaur, Breastfeed)

My body hurt everywhere. That was the first sign of a fever for me. The aches and pains, the unending soreness. Then there was the head cold, the pain behind the eyes. Dry throat, burning, tiredness, running nose. All the shit that made a fever unbearable. This virus had been particularly potent, and I wonderedContinue reading “The Road to Re-Cow-Very (Femdom, Cuddle, Holstaur, Breastfeed)”