Witch’s Woodsman (Femdom, Imprison)

“Do not take food or drink offered by a strange lady in the woods,” mother had said. My mother had often warned me of ancient and powerful witches, nefarious women who lived outside of towns and liked to snatch up men to make them into stew. “If you eat her food, she will eat you,”Continue reading “Witch’s Woodsman (Femdom, Imprison)”

Housekeeping! (Goblin Femdom)

Pastebin link – https://pastebin.com/K65STG59 I was naked. Not only was I naked, I was tied down in a strange hotel room. I was gagged. My ankles and wrists were held fast, and most brutally of all, the TV was off. I felt not only quite stupid and horrible, but also alone. Miserable. I let outContinue reading “Housekeeping! (Goblin Femdom)”

DragonMaiden Chapter 5 – Salerno Castle

Pastebin – https://pastebin.com/2L9X61LK George awoke to a kiss on his lips, pressed so gently that he barely stirred. He opened his eyes to see those amber gems staring down at him. “I have to go, my sweet Knight…” she whispered. Her hand grasped his, and he squeezed. She squeezed back with greater force. “Stay withContinue reading “DragonMaiden Chapter 5 – Salerno Castle”

Of Dreams and Vows (Jinko)

Pastebin Link Here – https://pastebin.com/ak1vArXG “Journal of Brother Frances Bolvar, monk,” Frances wrote, scribbling on the crinkled and stained page of his loosely bound book. The campfire flickered, but the shadows of the night made what he had written barely legible in the darkness. He coughed, aware of the stabbing pain in his lungs, asContinue reading “Of Dreams and Vows (Jinko)”

DragonMaiden Chapter 2 – From Afar

Pastebin link – https://pastebin.com/fqBVqXYC The forest was foreboding. That was the only word which George could put to the place. He could hear branches snapping in the distance, and it sounded like trapped spirits crying out. Other than that the Andrean forest was still and quiet, save for the mournful call of a bird thatContinue reading “DragonMaiden Chapter 2 – From Afar”

Sally the RadFem Shoggoth

Pastebin Link – https://pastebin.com/FwpTuGdB My stepsister Sally had become something of a bitch. We had only known each other since she was sixteen, when her father Connor started dating my mother, Marie. They had married about a year ago. Connor was alright, but Sally had gone away to college and gotten pretty heavily indoctrinated inContinue reading “Sally the RadFem Shoggoth”

Valentine’s Day Bat

Pastebin link – https://pastebin.com/6ip6JQpA “Sammy…” Clara coughed. “Bring me my bow.” The batgirl stared at her cupid friend and folded her wings. “You aren’t going out,” she said. “You have a fever.” “Don’t be ridiculous. Angels don’t get fevers!” Clara said. She tried to stand, her eyes glassy, but Sammy pushed her back down ontoContinue reading “Valentine’s Day Bat”

Unmarried Goose Girl

Pastebin Link – https://pastebin.com/rxq5hT0U Priscilla pushed her way out of the bushes and into the small clearing, stopping to brush the loose leaves off her ample bosom. She flapped her lily-wings and batted her pretty blue eyes, and loped about the small, muddy island she called home. It was perfect, loaded with nice things fromContinue reading “Unmarried Goose Girl”

Contubernium: Denouement

Pastebin link – https://pastebin.com/54V9kn03 Prefect Storm Cloud, known still by close friends as Decanus, sat down at the table. Across from him, standing on its tire, was the bulky form of a New Vegas Securitron. It had caused quite a stir when three Securitrons arrived in town. They were unlike any other robots, riding onContinue reading “Contubernium: Denouement”

Contubernium: Rain Cloud

Pastebin link – https://pastebin.com/pHAG9EWX DeeCee tossed down the wrench with frustration and let out a heaving sigh. The giant metal beast known as Nuka Prime still lay flat on the ground, a lattice of tables surrounded him. “It’s just not possible!” she said, exasperated. “There’s no way! If I only had the things in theContinue reading “Contubernium: Rain Cloud”