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Welcome to Spidernon’s Web, where I (Spidernon) write monstergirl themed romance and erotic content. Below is a list of the stories I have written.

Disclaimer: Please note that this material may contain satirical or subjectively offensive humor, explicit sexual situations, or depictions of violence. Please note also that this is an 18+ site. If you are under 18, please read the Bible until you are 18,  then come back.

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One-Off Stories

The First Date (Ushi Oni)

7-1000 Project

Shivering Eggs of Kadath Station (Night Gaunt Shorts, Serial)


Cleolinda, by IfTheArtistConsents

Pomp and Perspicacity (Anubis)

Husband to the Swarm ( HiveMind GF)

Shoggoth Stories

Shakla Ku (Orc Femdom Roman)

Image by AdelHeidXVI

Will-o-the-Wisp Stories

Dark Elf Stories

Shub Niggurath Stories

Arthur and Tcharkanith Stories (cameos by Anon and Shub-Niggurath)

WANTREK! Archive

WanTrek! Art by IfTheArtistConsents

Azathoth CYOA

The Auberge Stories

Contubernium (Fallout: New Vegas theme, Deathclaw girl)

2.1: Dystopia (Girtablilu, Oni)

My Pastebin (defunct)


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Note: ALL fictional characters are of LEGAL AGE in ALL stories.

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